Friday, 26 May 2017

Laneige x Sephora

Since I came back from Korea late last year, I've started an entirely new beauty regimen. Especially because my facial therapist nags at me all the time about how I should use skincare products diligently (her skin is flaaaawless!). So um, because I'm three years away from turning 30 *cries a river*, I thought it's probably time I focus more on skincare rather than concealing my imperfections.
Everyday I make sure to use Laneige's toner, essence and moisturiser. I like trying out new range of products because after awhile, you tend to get bored by the same scent every single day.
Then, at a recent Zalora event, surprise, surprise, another new Laneige product again in my goodie bag. The Silk Intense lipstick in Carnival of Love, a gorgeous deep red color. I tried it at home and my goodness, I was sold. The pigmentation was intense but at the same time, it was super moisturising. Felt like I was putting on lip balm instead of lip stick!

So when I had the opportunity to choose some products from Laneige on Sephora recently, I focused more on skincare and the lipsticks! I chose the Laneige Sunblock Aqua SPF35 because I was running out of sunblock. So so important to put on sunblock every single day, guys. I like the consistency of their sunblock, its not watery or oily, more to the creamy side. A little goes a long way too. A bonus point, the sunshine yellow packaging is super cute :)
The next product I was interested to try was the Brush Pact in Natural Finishing. I liked that it was perfect for travelling, a brush and a powder all in one. I use this specifically for touching up because I like that I can bring it anywhere in my make up bag. I don't even have to bring a brush. There's not much coverage but I like that perhaps, on good skin days, instead of slapping on foundation, I can rely on this powder instead.
I love the next two items the most. I tried out both the Silk Intense in Jealous and Serum Intense lipstick in Sparkle Pink. Jealous has a more red-coral ish finish, while sparkle pink is a light nude pink color, perfect for everyday use. I usually put on a lip balm before lipstick but with Laneige lipsticks, there is absolutely no need for that. The only thing is that, you must be okay with touching up every now and then. Because of the moisturising nature of the lipstick, it does transfer onto cups when you drink and most of the time, you will have to reapply, especially after eating. To be honest, I don't find it a hassle at all. I like that my lips feel moisturised all the time.
But there's also another reason why their lipsticks are so popular. It was the lead actress of Descendants of the Sun's lipstick throughout the entire series :D
The next thing I want to try from Laneige? Their BB Cushion! I've heard so many good reviews about it, and I can't wait to try it one day :)
You can shop for your Laneige products here. Add to cart, check out and it will be delivered to you in just a few days!
Much love,