Tuesday, 22 November 2016

ippin.com.sg from Japan to Singapore.

I think we can all agree that the Japanese are the most efficient people around, they do things systematically, they're super hardworking and you kind of know that if a certain product is made in Japan, take my money, I'm sold. Made in Japan products are always well loved, well received and now, it comes in an option that isn't so readily available everywhere. Halal certified Japan products.

Ippin.com.sg is a new Halal portal making it a breeze for us to get Halal certified products from Japan, right to our doorstep ranging from food, fashion, electrical appliances and even cosmetics. The bestsellers are of course, the authentic Ramen but because I ran out of all my facial products bought from my previous Korea trip, I thought, ok this is a good time to try out Sakura Kokoro products.

Sakura Kokoro products does not contain any animal derived ingredients and is alcohol free, paraben free and oil free. Especially for ladies with sensitive skin, this would be aweeesome :)

I'm currently trying out four of their products.

The Cleansing Wash, a water based gentle cleanser, perfect for our make up removal.

The BB cream, a base for your make up with a natural finish.

The All in One Gel, the moisturiser.
The Beauty essence, has a non sticky texture, it brightens and moisturises your skin.

From left to right, the consistency of the BB cream, the all in one gel, the essence and the cleansing wash. 

The smell is soooo heavenly, I look forward to my facial routine every night =D
They also use a blend of Yoshino cherry tree leaf extract, lactobacillus and fermented soy milk to create a formulation which doesn't need alcohol or animal derived products.

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