Monday, 24 October 2016

a place to call home.

Aman and I are shy of one month before we celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary and so many things has happened this year, I can't even put a finger on where I should start. I always thought that I'm done with O Levels, A Levels and then I went on to Uni, graduated, got engaged, got married and these were big milestones I thought I conquered. Only when I got married, I realised that life is so much bigger than these milestones. There are many things I wish to accomplish and there are a million other goals I aim to achieve, but as of now I am just, contented and happy with whatever I have now. I pause every now and then and thank Allah for everything He has given me. There's a lot more I want in life, but for this moment, I am truly grateful. If everything goes well, I'll blog more about it :)

 Sweater Weather!
Oversized white cable knit sweater from H&M
Pink sneakers from Keds

"I'll ride my bike up to the road,
down the streets, right through the city.
I'll go everywhere you go."

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