Thursday, 24 March 2016

Sephora: Tartelette in Bloom

I am honestly not a make up person. I mean, I love looking at all the products, I splurge on a couple of holy grail make up products every now and then but if you were to ask me about daily make up? Nuh uh, not a chance. Every morning as I get ready for work, my routine is quite simple. Moisturiser-Sunblock-Primer-Foundation-Powder-Blusher-Lip Balm and then I'm out of the door.

But weekends are a different thing. Especially with weddings to attend and the longer amount of time to get ready, I get to be a bit more experimental and play with eyeshadows, lip liner and whatnots. Hehe. I am truly not an expert but I am forever watching a kajillion Youtube make up tutorials for fun and so when it comes to my turn to try out, I honestly like it :) For the longest time, I had only one eyeshadow palette and I'm so so happy that I finally have another palette joining my tiny make up family :D

I mean, honestly, for a newbie like me to try out all these blending crease and what nots, neutrals are the way to go. If you're the kind of person who is particular about parabens and synthetic fragrances, then Tarte's line of cosmetics should be something you want. I am personally not an expert in all these things but its kind of nice to know that they're big on ecofriendly materials and go green :)

 Besides the Tartelette in Bloom palette, I also tried the Tarteist Lip Paint My gosh, this thing is the bomb. I don't usually go for nude lips but this color is so so flattering. Reminds me of the Kylie Jenner lipstick that went out of stock in minutes. If you like plump nude matte lips, this definitely gives you that within seconds. 

Their Tarteist Clay Paint Liner even comes with this angled bamboo liner brush that makes it easier for you to apply your eyeliner without looking like a panda bear! Haha!

If you haven't heard, you no longer need to go allll the way to Sephora's store cos all these products are made available to you via

From left to right:

I don't do selfies but I thought mmmmm, here's a half face picture of me in my newbie make up hehe.  
Gonna google for more tutorials now!

Much love,