Thursday, 25 February 2016

Uniqlo x Hana Tajima 2016

I recently did a mini interview with The New Paper and one of the questions they asked me had to do with how western brands are starting to branch out to modest wear, they're looking into the Muslim market, expanding their products and widening their target audience. 

To quote myself, this was what I said;

"Back when I first started blogging during my university days (around 5 years ago), it would have been pretty impossible. I believe they realise that their consumers are made of not just non-Muslims but millions of Muslim girls around the world.
"It's no longer about the Muslim girl trying to fit in, instead, it's these big fashion companies trying to create something that will suit the Muslim girl."
and another part of the article covered Uniqlo's collaboration with Hana Tajima,

In June, Japanese retail company Uniqlo launched a modest wear collection, Hana Tajima for Uniqlo, in collaboration with UK-born fashion blogger-designer Hana Tajima.
In a commentary in Fortune magazine, Hana said that she wanted to "create designs that adhere to the Islamic guidelines for dressing, but the main function is to create an inclusive aesthetic that can appeal to anyone".
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When I first tried out the collection from the first collaboration, I loved it because of the material. It was so easy to iron and I just loved the look of it. Definitely unique and unlike any other muslimah friendly top. Then they launched the second collaboration and I loved it even more! The material is so so light and comfortable. These days, especially with the sweltering heat, the first requirement for my choice of outfit is definitely something airy. I do not want to be sweating buckets while I'm teaching in class!

Women Tie Back Tunic in yellow (comes in other colors too)

This has got to be my favourite outfit for now. I've been repeating this outfit for awhile now, and that rarely happens! If I'm in a rut and can't decide what to wear, I'll just grab this pairing. Gotta love the prints on the pants though, makes me so happy :D


They're now available at Uniqlo stores: 
313 Somerset
Parkway Parade
Suntec City
Bugis +
Causeway Point

Alternatively, you can always get it online!

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