Saturday, 27 June 2015

arared; pop up store!

If you keep up with social media (especially Instagram), you would have realised that Malaysian brands are going far, guys. There's soooo many of them and although competition is mad crazy, they are all so unique and diverse from one another that it's really great for them, but not so great for customers because you just end up wanting them alllllllllll hehe. 

If you're someone who loves pastel, I would definitely recommend going for Arared. The color palette is so soft, girly and the designs are so simple and classy. Definitely not a design that you'll see around easily, so don't worry about "Omg, she's wearing the exact same thing as me!" unless if um, the other person got an Arared outfit too! :)

If you're interested and would like to view and purchase the collection, they'll be at Goodwood Park Hotel, Parkland Split Level Studio from 12-5 pm this weekend. Alternatively, you can also make your purchase on Fashion Valet.

Much love,

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