Saturday, 2 May 2015

i found a friend in you.

One of the greatest gifts my workplace has presented me with is a friend/work buddy/colleague/chinguya/person to go through thick and thin with. Its not easy to get someone who totally understands what you're going through. As much as I always talk to Aman or my parents about problems I face at work, there's a limit to how much they can understand. Only someone in your exact shoes would know how you feel and I'm glad I found her! :)

I think work buddies are not only necessary, they are crucial, vital, important, hahaha you get what I mean. When one doesn't check the email, the other reminds. Hungry? Let's go down together! When one doesn't bring their pass to tap in, the other, no wait, most of the time both of us don't have it with us lol!

But you get it right? The toughest job may seem easy when you're doing it with a friend. So even if we're tasked to decorate some noticeboard or stay back till 6 pm almost everyday to supervise rehearsals, as long as you have a buddy with you, yup, no problem, leave it to us *flicks shawl*

Wearing Paisley shawl from interhijab, Eiffel Tower blouse from bangkok, Black skants from FV BASICS, Sofina bag from Fashion Valet.

Huge shoutout for the FV BASICS skants, I'm so guilty of re-wearing it again and again and again.  Definitely mommy approved!

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