Thursday, 5 February 2015

supermarket junkie.

On rare days when I get off from work early, I like to make a trip to.........Cold Storage. My friends like to disturb me and say, ha, of all places?!?! I don't know guys. Cold Storage is kind of addictive. Especially since they carry soooo many international brands and interesting food items I can only dream of finding at Giant or Fair Price. I mean, cmon, the bagel alone comes in soooo many flavours and they have all these frozen filled halal pastas, tortellini filled with veal and thyme, gnocchi and ravioli with all sorts of herbs. Mouthwatering. Then I'll walk to the jam and spread aisle, my goodness, have you seen Waitrose's packaging?! 

The only downside? I'll walk away at least $50 poorer, with no idea, of what I just bought. This is normal right? Please don't tell me I'm the only one. 

(My favourite work blouse, lightweight and non-sheer. Love to wear this on days that I have a lot of classes)

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