Wednesday, 4 February 2015

sunday brunch and seeing things clearly.

As teachers, we are tasked to do CCE lessons. We talk about being leaders, we give information about their prospective careers, we share real life stories about our friends and the different paths they took in pursuing their education, and we use powerpoint slides. Jam packed with loads of information. Most of the time, I try my very best to convey all these information. I know they get very bored, they don't even try to hide their yawns! I know they are tired. Its no joke sitting for hours, lessons after lessons. 

So there are times when I talk to my students about life, in general. I share my own stories and as much as people love to question, but hey, don't you care about privacy? If it helps them become better people, I don't see why not. If they can learn from my past mistakes, why not? I am not someone who gives deep, meaningful talks, but whenever I can, I try to instil values that are not present in the slides.  

Just recently, I spoke to them about family. I know how my students are. They are obsessed with their  gadgets, online games and their phone. 24/7. I know that there is a high probability that when they reach home, they'll lock themselves up, do their own thing and not give a hoot about their parents in the living room. So I shared, they shared and I love these meaningful moments because at least, in a sea of 37 students, I know at least one student would have gone home and have a conversation with their parent before heading to their room. 

I also questioned myself, why the sudden emphasis on parents and family? I guess as I embark on this journey of getting married to someone who will make me very very very happy, and no matter how excited I am, it is also the end of my journey, being sheltered by my parents whom I love so so dearly. I can sort of picture myself already, the day I get married, someone get a bucket, this girl's probably going to flood the entire place. Nyehehe. 

Wearing Leanira Shirt Dress in Abstract from aere, satin shawl from dUCkscarves, white pants from zara, Soiree from jeffrey campbell. 

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