Sunday, 25 January 2015

Why hello 2015 :)

Whenever we go out and about in sunny Sg, trying to find a nice place to shoot the outfit photos, it is honestly not easy. Our tiny country has so many people, a handful of scenic beauty areas, which are again dominated by people. Once you reach a nice spot, you have to wait until it clears. There is no way you can tell these lovely families shoo, I need to have my ootd taken! So you wait. Even if its under the hot sun and you're sweating profusely. 

Patience is a virtue, definitely true. And I am truly thankful to Aman for being my very patient photographer. Photography is not something he does at all, its not even his hobby but he does it anyway and I am so so so eternally grateful to him for it :) 

I've decided that I will still blog when time permits but I don't think I need to wax lyrical about every outfit I wear. Your eyes can be the judge :)

Instead, as I am inching closer and closer to the biggest day of my life. I will blog about anything revolving around my life, my wedding preps, my family, my friends and my job. 

2015 is an absolutely big year for me. I can only hope and pray that everything will go smoothly. And I can't wait to share it with you :) 

Outfit details:
Crop top by Dreemika
Blue Eclair Shawl by duckscarves
Issoria Skirt by aere