Sunday, 13 July 2014

Sponsored: Jewel Collection by Poplook

Oh can't help but feel that I've been transported back in time. Among paddy fields and vast fields, just me and my bicycle. 

One can always dream.

This dress consists of two things I quite like. 
Handsewn jewels on my sleeves, not too much, just the right amount to give the dress a hint of classy.
And ruffles. Got to love me some ruffles. 

For their Eid collection, Poplook uses a higher quality chiffon material for their dresses. The lining too. 

I've been wearing a lot of dresses lately, especially since its Ramadhan. I see a lot of girls taking up the 30-day Ramadhan challenge, wearing dresses and skirts everyday. As much as I would love to, and I do don on dresses and skirts, there are some days, especially days when I have a lot of classes, going up and down the stairs, running around school, hello pants, you're still my goodfriend. 

So no, I'm not taking up the challenge but every now and then when I have a slightly relaxed day at work or when I'm not working, I'll choose dresses and skirts over jeans and pants anytime :)

I usually go for dresses I can wear to work. Not too thick material because my gosh, walking around in a classroom can really make you feel hot and stuffy. I love that this dress is not too glamorous for work. Simple and classy. The color might be a bit bright, but oh you know, I just love to experiment with new colors. 

Though if you are not a fan of bright colors at all, this dress comes in Black too. 
All the more Coco Chanel, if you know what I mean :D

Chiffon Shawl; Kaffah
Bag; Mum's Vintage

They've just launched the last collection for their Eid Special Pieces!
The Baroque Collection.
Can't wait to get my hands on it!

Poplook Website:

Friday, 11 July 2014

Sponsored: Zalia by Zalora

Do you know how sometimes you see an outfit online, and you think, oooooo prettyyyyy, but nah, don't think I can pull it off man. 

That was exactly what I thought. 

Plus, I was thinking, where on earth do I wear this? 
Wedding? Too glitz and glam.
Out and about in town? Too tai tai.

So when I did this OOTD in town, I will not lie, I felt so out of place and a bit embarassed hehe. What on earth is this girl doing, twirling around in Mandarin Gallery in a sequined cape?!

But when I saw the photos, goshhhhhhhh, I am madly madly madly in love with this outfit. 
The cutting of the Lace Dress gives me the perfect silhouette. The dress is a little fitting but I love that the Sequin Lace Cape covers it all up nicely :)

The Lace Dress and Sequin Lace Cape is from the Zalia Collection designed by Zalora for Hari Raya. I was spoilt for choice when I looked at allllll the outfits. Everything's too pretty! But I thought, hmmmm, let's stop being safe for awhile and choose something out of my comfort zone. No regrets. Hehe. Can't wait to wear this for Hari Raya!

Go on, move out of your comfort zone. You know you want to :D

 This outfit also comes in Black.

Found a discount code for you! Take 10% off Zalia items by keying in the discount code "ZALSURIA"

Much love friends,
Nadya Abd