Thursday, 19 June 2014

the Faridah outfit.

As much as I love pastels, I always tend to stay away from flower prints. I'm seldom experimental with my clothes, constantly choosing plain dresses and skirts, with minimal designs on the fabric. When I saw Poplook's Hari Raya Garden collection, my heart skipped a beat when I saw this particular one! Then I thought, nahhhhh, you can't pull this off, let's just stick to safe colors in hues of green, pastels, close to no graphic design pls. I mean come on, hot pink? Yellow? There's no way you can pull this look off, N.

But thank you for the rebel in me. Who doesn't love a challenge? And to be honest, I really love the floral design on the skirt, there's a little bit of pastel pink, white lace, and I thought of allllll my other Hari Raya tops I can match it with. When I look at this pink blouse here, ah, pair it with pants and I get a work outfit. You see, I love to deconstruct clothes especially when they come in pieces like this, I like versatility and the freedom to mix and match know me...I hate to repeat clothes and when I get to mix and match, there's no way I'm repeating the exact same outfit hehe.

When I chose this outfit, by the name of Faridah, in the fabric description, it says, silky satin. Hmmmmm, at such an affordable price, silky satin? With floral designs? My gosh, turns out, it really is silky and the quality of the satin is just so...lux! None of those cheap material, guys. The quality is soooo good!

and yes, I brought this outfit all the way to Japan. Thank God for this awesome location which is the hotel I was staying at, gave the perfect setting for a lovely outfit. 

This year, Poplook has created 4 different looks for their Hari Raya Collection, released from time to time. The last collection hasn't been released yet, I'm really wondering what is the theme for the upcoming collection! :0

Click here to shop and see see! Hurry! :D

Much love friends,
Nadya Abd

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