Monday, 9 June 2014

sponsored: TudungPeople Singapore

I've always heard about the TudungPeople brand. I love their adverts and I'm always amazed at how they go out of stock in a matter of minutes! Salute the Malaysians, especially when it comes to all these popular brands, items can really go OOS fast. So imagine how I felt when the team behind TudungPeople Singapore approached me for a collaboration! Finally, I'll get to see what this craze is all about.


Messenger Bag; Longchamp
Nude Court Shoes; Pazzion

Clearly, you can see that the shawl is made of good quality material. Not those sheer type, this cream shawl is almost opaque! And I definitely prefer this material because, hm, how to say this, its more structured. I prefer structured than soft, flimsy material because I like a certain shape around my face area hehe. I believe different girls prefer different material, when it comes to shawl, but this is my favourite :)

and did I mention how wide the shawl is? Gives you full coverage, which I know for sure, I like best about TudungPeople's shawls.

The one I'm wearing here is the Numa shawl, an everyday favourite for many shawl-wearing girls. The team behind TudungPeople SG restocked 8 colors of Numa and also, the Naylaa collection which is the long-forgotten square tudungs. Heh, I still remember how it was a staple in everyone's wardrobe to have square tudungs. Long gone are those days, but hey, I do know of some people who are still die-hard fans of the simple square tudungs. 

Also, they are currently offering a 10% discount on the Arraynaa shawls! The much-raved about shawls with pretty lace on the side! So pretty! Especially for the upcoming Eid!

Especially for my blog readers, they are giving away another 5% off on all collections.
Simply type in nadyatpsg when checking out ok!

TudungPeople Singapore is the exclusive distributor of TudungPeople owned by the lovely Fazrena Aziz. To purchase these lovely shawls, proceed to

Instagram: @tudungpeoplesg

Love all these teeny things that come with the shawls <3

Much love friends,
Happy Holidays!

Nadya Abd


  1. Salam. Love your hijab style! Kindly share a tutorial on it.


    1. You can google sghijabgirl on youtube dear :)