Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Seqoci: Sahara Dress

After work today, my friend and I zoomed for a quick mani pedi session. I know it seems trivial but once in awhile, I think, there is a need to have some pampering time, even when it means paying someone to do something you can do on your own. Haha! But in my defence, I have no idea how to do the cuticles thingy ok. 

It was a really nice session, just chilling and talking. Occasionally, we talk about work but most of the time, we're just having simple non-work related conversations. Every month, I look forward to my monthly facial sessions and occasionally, mani pedi too! Me-time at its best!

I'm wearing the prettiest dress from Secoqi. 
The dress plays tricks on everyone's eyes you know?

It creates the illusion that I'm wearing a full lace dress but it's actually the print on the fabric, which makes it soooo user-friendly! I mean, I hate the times when I wear lace and it gets caught on something. If I'm unlucky, I'll rip it a bit, especially since I'm so clumsy. Even my mother warned me before leaving the house, please take care of the dress and don't rip it! At first, I had no idea what on Earth she was talking about, until she came to me and went, Huhhhh?! Its not lace!!?? My colleagues at work thought the same too!

Ooooo pretty pretty pretty.
Not to mention, full lining guys, so no worries about it being sheer or anything. 
and its the perfect dress to twirl in! 

The only thing you must take note of is, sizing runs small.
I'm wearing Size M!, so please take a look at the measurements before you purchase it ya!

Much love friends,
Nadya Abd

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