Thursday, 6 March 2014

Ayu Apparels: the everyday outfit

I won't kid you. Not every outfit on is exactly an outfit I'd wear on a daily basis. Especially when I'm running daily errands, I want something that I can wear fast, comfy and bonus points for no ironing needed (hehe). That is why when I received this shawl and fishtail top from Ayu Apparels, I thought, ah, this shall be my best running errand outfit. And although I usually don't like to repeat clothes, running errands outfit, especially if I feel comfortable in it, I will repeat over and over again. #sorrynotsorry Hehe. 

So I wore this outfit out and about. To the library to return books, to grocery shopping, to pay bills. And then one day, on a work day, I decided, surely I can spin this off to look sophisticated. Wish I brought out my camera that day, I paired this top with a black shawl, black pants and black Ferragamo flats. Classic.

Ayu Apparels is an online website aiming to provide an exciting online shopping experience for Muslimahs in the region, especially Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei. Hence why they offer free shipping to this three countries! They try their very best to stock products that will cater to Muslim girls and women, from shawls, to dresses and tops, placing high importance on modesty. 

They have lots and lots of plain maxi shawls in a variety of colors, not to mention, the shawls in many different designs from herringbone to floral. Shopping on their website is also a breeze with almost no hiccups at all, see something you like, add cart, make payment. Easy breezy. Plus, I find that all their products are really super affordable!

I'm wearing their Ixora Fishtail Blouse in Black and a Yale Blue plain maxi shawl.

Instagram: ayuapparels

Much love friends,
Nadya Abd

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