Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Shiny red shoes.

I've been in denial all this while. I thought, hey, I can surely squeeze in some time to blog my ootds. To be honest, I have lots of backlog entries, the only thing thats keeping me from blogging is, gah, time. I truly have no time to sit down, edit photos, create long blog entries. Nada. Zilch. Nowadays, its always a fast upload, edit and then the images are just there. Sitting. Waiting for the date who never bothered to turn up on time, the entry. 

So as much as I hate to say this, I can't blog so much now :(
(I'm definitely more active on instagram though hehe @nadyawesome)

If I have the extra time, I will. But now, I don't have the luxury of time to sit, blog, share recipes, I don't even bake now. My kitchenaid sits there, stares at me, shines in all its beautiful pastel yellow glory, I just stare back and walk away. Sorry baby, I've got no time for you T.T

However, I will spare some time to put up images. Because, hey, this is how I keep track of outfits I can put together and wear again hehe.

(perfect for breastfeeding mothers because of the side buttons)
(love love love this so much! non-sheer! and super comfy!)
Red court shoe heels; Pazzion
Bag; Esprit

Much love friends,
Nadya Abd

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Sponsored Entry: Badra

I didn't have to teach today. I went for a course with hope that once it ends, I'll be able to come up with ways to motivate my lower achieving students. What I didn't expect was that I will leave the room with not only a deeper understanding of why my students are like.... that, but I also left with a realisation aaand a fact given by the presenter, that majority of human beings are almost always negative. Did you know? About 50,000 thoughts pass through our mind everyday and 80% of them are negative thoughts. Come to think about it, it is true. When I board the train to work, I go "gosh, its so crowded urghhh", when I arrive at the bus stop, I assume, "urgh where's the bus? Don't tell me I missed it?" and I guess I could give more and more examples but you wouldn't want to read 50,000 negative thoughts here right? :)

I don't know why I'm writing this but I thought in light of everything happening around the world today, there are good days, and there are bad days. And maybe there's too much negative news occurring right now that our thoughts are clouded with worry, sadness, anger and so much more. Not that I'm saying, we shouldn't, but I think what we can do, and what we may possibly achieve is to concentrate on our happy thoughts. Happy thoughts are fleeting that we tend to only be grateful for a second and let ourselves be infiltrated with unhappy thoughts the next 59. 

Our days are volatile and unpredictable but there's always a choice. To accept things we cannot change? Are our thoughts something we cannot change? Be the boss. Take charge of our thoughts. Think of the simplest happy things. Smile. Be happy.

I don't know how exactly my rambling above is related to my OOTD pictures but hmm come to think about it, think of it like this. Look at this dress here, the color that makes the most of the dress is royal purple. Yes, negative thoughts ARE present, but let it be the turquoise in the dress. Small, tiny, fleeting. As I walk, you see the occasional turquoise, but at least, for most of the time, I'm just a sea of purple :)

In this entry, the dresses are from Badra,, an online shop on Facebook.
The dress above is called the Triangle Cut Dress and I thought it was really unique, and I especially love the color combination, jewel toned colors! It comes in a variety of colors too :)

The second dress is this sweet ribbon dress with hidden buttons which is really awesome for breastfeeding mothers. Comes in a variety of colors as well and up to size XL!

Apart from dresses, Badra also sells nice and unique clothing pieces from Ethnic Print Satin Skirt to Ikat Pants which really looks good I think when paired with a plain top :)

Click here to see the variety of Muslimah clothes Badra has to offer,

Much love friends,
Nadya Abd

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Ayu Apparels: the everyday outfit

I won't kid you. Not every outfit on is exactly an outfit I'd wear on a daily basis. Especially when I'm running daily errands, I want something that I can wear fast, comfy and bonus points for no ironing needed (hehe). That is why when I received this shawl and fishtail top from Ayu Apparels, I thought, ah, this shall be my best running errand outfit. And although I usually don't like to repeat clothes, running errands outfit, especially if I feel comfortable in it, I will repeat over and over again. #sorrynotsorry Hehe. 

So I wore this outfit out and about. To the library to return books, to grocery shopping, to pay bills. And then one day, on a work day, I decided, surely I can spin this off to look sophisticated. Wish I brought out my camera that day, I paired this top with a black shawl, black pants and black Ferragamo flats. Classic.

Ayu Apparels is an online website aiming to provide an exciting online shopping experience for Muslimahs in the region, especially Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei. Hence why they offer free shipping to this three countries! They try their very best to stock products that will cater to Muslim girls and women, from shawls, to dresses and tops, placing high importance on modesty. 

They have lots and lots of plain maxi shawls in a variety of colors, not to mention, the shawls in many different designs from herringbone to floral. Shopping on their website is also a breeze with almost no hiccups at all, see something you like, add cart, make payment. Easy breezy. Plus, I find that all their products are really super affordable!

I'm wearing their Ixora Fishtail Blouse in Black and a Yale Blue plain maxi shawl.

Instagram: ayuapparels

Much love friends,
Nadya Abd

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

POPLOOK fangirl, come what may.

I think it is no surprise that Poplook remains one of my favourite online stores, ever. 70% of the skirts and dresses I have are all from Poplook and I have to say, they never fail to please me. I've always been supporting them since Day 1, from forking out shipping fee to purchase their clothes to currently, collaborating with them & of course you've heard, they are offering free express shipping to Singapore. I'm really glad and happy that they've come this far. And hands down, they deserve all the congratulations in the world because truly, their service and quality of clothes, power!

Even at work or when I meet my friends and they ask me where to purchase dresses/skirts/tops, I never fail to recommend Poplook because I know they do not compromise on quality at all and I don't have to fear should my friends feel unhappy with their products because they always, deliver. Whatever beautiful photos you see on the site, that is what you get. Unlike certain online stores when what you receive doesn't look anything like the ones you see on the website, you can be rest assured you will never get that kind of bad experience with Poplook.

And I'm continuously happy for them as they venture into new seas, with their special Weddings & Celebrations collection. My Gosh. When I first saw the entire collection, love at first sight guys. My number one favourite, soft pastel colors in dusty pink, mint green, lilac, peach, combined with beautifully constructed pieces of clothing. From the grecian-like Haneem top to the flowy Suraya dress, it is the ideal solution for every bridezilla. If only I was getting married this year! I can only hope that Poplook will continue this next year teehee. 

Wearing the Lilac Suraya Dress from Poplook's Weddings and Celebrations Collection
(I'm usually a size S but I chose an M for this dress as I did not want it to be figure hugging :))

The best thing about the Weddings and Celebrations collection? They're beautifully created but, there is still so much room for your own creativity. You want to add border lace? Beadings? Pearls? By all means. There's so much room to design it according to how you want it. So yes, you still get to be a bridezilla in control, just a bit less of a headache hehe. Click here to be redirected to their Weddings and Celebrations page.

They have also since rebranded from Thepoplook to POPLOOK. 
You can now go to their website:
Instagram: @poplookshop and hashtag #POPLOOK when you wear their clothes
Twitter: @poplookshop

Then, of course, I love their basic collections. Lately, I've been really into palazzo pants. While I love maxi skirts, I have to admit, its quite hard to be climbing up and down stairs in a skirt, so palazzo pants, you're my saviour. They give you the right amount of modesty and I just love how effortless it is to be paired with any printed top. Another way of wearing is to pair it with a long cardigan as well :) Feel like grabbing their Lana Palazzo Pants in all three colors. Plus, its free sized due to the stretchable waistband! Super comfy.

Wearing the Lana Palazzo Pants in grey here :)
They also have it in Nude and Black.

Whatchu waiting for?

POPLOOK awaits you! :)

Much love,
Nadya Abd (teehee)