Saturday, 18 January 2014

sponsored: the forest.

This 2014, is a year of taking on many new roles for me. 

I finally understand the whines from my teacher friends, "ahhhh so much paper work to do, I don't feel like a teacher anymore.  I used to secretly say, ahh surely it wouldn't be so bad right? Being the form teacher of a class of 33 (and I know I should be thankful already cos some of my friends have about 43 students in their class), the first day, I was swamped.

Swamped with allll the paper work, the admin work I have to key in excel sheets, documents, forms I have to disseminate, collect and then the chasing. My God, the chasing. Of course, my students are human beings and we forget, so I have to muster all the strength in me to not strangle them when they tell me for the third of fourth time, they forgot -.-

If I could hire an admin assistant, I would in a heartbeat.
Paperwork, why you no fun. Take allll the joy out of being a teacher. 

But this teacher here is really really, pro work life balance k. 
Unless if it is absolutely necessary, I will not do work at home. No way. Especially on weekends. 

On weekends, this teacher goes gallivanting into strange but eerily beautiful places for her outfit shots and eats, shop and spend time with her loved ones (:

This Devon Layered Peplum Blouse is from my ever so favourite store, Poplook.
Green shawl from shopsghijabgirl
Floral jeans from zara.
15' tan bag from Cambridge Satchel 

 Have a wonderful weekend!

Much love friends,
Nadya Abd