Wednesday, 11 December 2013

who run the world? girls.

I believe this year, for the first time, I've lost count of the number of weddings I've attended. Sigh. Got to accept the fact that I'm getting old hurhurhur.

We had a small, very halal, bachelorette party the other day. I keep repeating very halal because I don't want people to imagine that it consists of um, r-21 cakes and games and whatnots. I personally find it distasteful and as much as there are some western qualities I admire, I think we must clearly distinguish and choose the qualities we want to emulate. So hence, it was very halal, decent and most importantly, classy. Maarif girls are classy ok =D

It was a small get together of our clique since secondary school (the always get into trouble together, do nonsense things but study hard clique HAHA). Tonnes of jokes and insults thrown around. Our friendship's certainly not the "I love you, we're good friends forever" type. We insult each other so much its a wonder how we survive our friendship but deep down, we know that's what makes us, us. and I think what makes everything so special is that, we grew up together. Literally. We knew each other since we were 7 so no matter how much we drift apart, there'll always be a special place for each and everyone and allllllll the memories we share. By now, you should be able to guess, who's the excessively sentimental among them all. Bahaha. 

So, this is not really an ootd entry. This is an entry dedicated to the first one among us to get hitched. 

May your marriage last till Jannah, insyAllah (:

They have it in two colors, navy and nude. It was such a torture for me to choose a color because knowing me, I always, always, lean towards pinks so I thought, ok enough, no more, you have way too many nude/pink dresses. 

I love that it has elastic cuffs which makes it so easy for me to pull up my sleeves when I'm taking my wudhu' (: and it was sooooo comfy. Even my bestfriend asked me if I tailored it myself hehe.

Ooo btw, props to the Fika (Beach Rd) staff for being very nice. Service was prompt and good, even when we hogged the place till closing time, they were quite nice as to not chase us out. I mean, they did drop us subtle hints like, passing us the bill, dimming the lights haha but they were kind enough to not be outright mean and tell us, listen, girls, you've got to go. 

What is up with me and this irritating pose n.n

Much love friends,
Nadya Abd


  1. Salam Nadya, May i kindly ask what size do you wear for the dress? Cuz i wanna get one for myself too! :) Thank you :)