Sunday, 22 December 2013

sponsored: walking ikea!

I've never thought of wearing a polkadot dress. Polkadot top, yes. Skirt, yes. But a full maxi polkadot dress, hmmmm, I had to muster all the courage I had. What more in a bright yellow, ikea-themed color! Walking ikea for the day!

But I thought, hmm, one day, I'm bound to meet a polkadots themed event, so why not just get one now. I think the trick of wearing something so bright and dotsy, is to pair it with something plain. Don't go crazy with another patterned outerwear or shawl or else, you'll really look like a clown. But if you love being quirky and you have a super fun personality then by all means. I certainly think different people can pull off different type of looks, you can count me out though, I usually play safe.

I normally stick to something either plain, or girly. There'll be rare moments where I dress up a bit boyish but most of the time, I am the typical pastel floral hearts girly girl. Predictable.

If you're not a fan of bright yellow, thepoplook has this dress in lots of color combinations! So go, on, head over there and ogle at all the colors and dots! 

long sheer maxi cardigan; shopsghijabgirl

Much love friends,

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