Saturday, 21 December 2013

sponsored: ethereal

I've not been wearing dresses or skirts for quite some time now because of the weather. Its always raining heavily and as much as I love my dresses, I really don't want them to end up mopping the floor everywhere I go. So, one day, it was all bright and sunny and I had to shop for my wardrobe at Ikea, so what was I waiting for, of course, I grabbed this beauty and off we went!

Every time I look at it, can't help but be reminded of grecian style dresses. Free sized, so its perfect for plus size and super tall girls, and I love the gold elastic belt that cinches at the waist, so I can adjust the height of the dress. Its on sale too! Get RM 20 off when you quote SGHIJABGIRL20 (:

turquoise shawl: @asterhijab
FLARE amnah maxi dress in Peach: Seqoci (comes in 4 lovely colors!)

Much love friends,

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  1. Kak,why don't you make a tutorial like Bethany aka. macbarbie kat youtube on your outfit? ��