Wednesday, 20 November 2013

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These days, whenever I go to a vintagey, eclectic, out of the ordinary cafe, one of the most common thing I hear people say,

"So hipster la this cafe!"

What is this hipster term I keep hearing?! This English teacher really needs to find out why on earth these cafes are labelled as "hipster" joints.

Hmmmm lemme google that.

Hipster refers to a postmodern subculture of young, urban middle-class adults and older teenagers that first appeared in the 1990s and became particularly prominent in the 2010s,[1] being derived from earlier movements in the 1940s. The subculture is associated with indie music and alternative music, a varied non-mainstream fashion sensibility (including vintage and thrift store clothes), progressive or independent political views,[2][3] and alternative lifestyles.


*stares blankly at the screen*

Forget it. Whether you're a hipster or not, as long as you enjoy the ambience, you appreciate the coffee the barista painstakingly brewed, then I guess its okay la huh? =D

Talking about old school items, I received a package from Seqoci! Hehe. Can't help but to smile whenever I say it. Did you know that Seqoci is Malay for bobbin! I know, both the English and Malay term sounds so cute! Seqoci! Bobbin! Seqoci! 

Presenting to you, my Rama Rama blouse.

Its all sorts of awesome, my friends. A smattering of colors on this magical printed blouse makes it so easy to be paired with different colored skirts or palazzo pants.

and I swear, I've seen this blouse in Zara for 4x the price.

How lovely you are! Greens, yellows, reds and blues. 
So hipster right my blouse?

Purposely abusing the word.


Enter SGHIJABGIRL20 at checkout to get RM 20 off your total purchase!
(Minimum purchase of RM 50 and make sure you're logged in first)

The voucher code is only valid for a week (till 27 November) and lots of their items are for sale (this blouse too!) so combined with the RM 20 discount, it'd be such a sweet, sweet deal. 

Much love friends,

Nadya Abd

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