Thursday, 7 November 2013

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I'm not going to kid you, as much as I love to dress up all nice and fancy, I draw a line when it comes to work outfits. Furthermore, my job requires me to look some what presentable and I climb up and down stairs alllllll the time. 

Heels? Crazy.
 Lux satin dresses? Too fancy.
Blazers on hot sunny days? I don't want to drown in a sea of sweat.

Plus, my students are such smarties and they looooove to comment on my outfits. Common things I hear on a daily basis,

"Cher, you never repeat clothes one ah?"
"Cher, this outfit you look like Batman la!"
"Cher, this outfit I approve. Where you buy the pants?"

and then, the dreaded

"Cher, this dress makes you look pregnant lah!"

Oh the horror. 

I mean, every now and then, I sport a blazer and the rare, strutting in wedges along the school corridors. But that's about it.

Fancy outfits are for sghijabgirl and out about on weekends. 
Work outfits are simple and comfortable so I'll be a teacher in the best form ever. 
 Talk about split personality. 

This outfit was shot after school. 

Comes in navy and mint green.
Blue Shawl - @asterhijab (instagram shop)
Checkered pants; zara
suede boat shoes; sperry topsider

I love that the top is so simple but the asymmetrical hem makes it, unique. Just a touch of sghijabgirl at work =D I own so many of these tops! To hide the elastic part of the dress, just pair it with any belt you have. 

Also, wearing my light and comfortable blue shawl from @asterhijab.
Get all your plain shawls from them! Remember to wear a black ninja (that's what they call it right? The one that covers your neck? Haha no not a real ninja) inside cos these shawls are slightly sheer.

Much love friends,
Nadya Abd

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