Tuesday, 12 November 2013

sponsored: Akina Islamic Clothing

Nature and this blog, quite a rare sight I must say. I mean, Singapore's a manmade forest of buildings and concrete so I hardly get any chance to shoot somewhere, you know, green. 

HAHA. Just kidding.

Nature and me?
Hi, bye relationship I must say.

When people hear about this, they go,
"But aren't you a Geography teacher?!"

Heyyyyy, whoever said I was a Physical Geography person? Human Geography for the win! 
(But my students, you must love both ok. No excuses.)

Whenever I shoot my outfit shots somewhere green, I hop out, take a couple of shots and then nice to meet you, would love to spend more time with you but sayonara got to go!

When my mother saw this outfit, she went, "This is so apt for a teacher!" I fully agree because the structure of this dress is just so smart, but at the same time, it doesn't project an unfriendly image at all, unlike all the other formal outfits I've seen. 

The dress is a bit loose at the top (rose lace with satin lining) and then it is structured beautifully waist down. The fabric used justifies the price, I feel, as the skirt uses a fabric similar to khaki skirts/pants. Not sheer whatsoever which is really a plus.

The dress also creates the illusion that you are wearing a lace top with a khaki skirt which is really awesome cos you know how when you tuck in, its usually hard to get a seamless look like this. Hehe.

For nursing mothers, you can opt for the dress to be nursing friendly.
They even have it in plus-sized!

Akina Islamic Clothing has a variety of dresses and from the dresses I've seen, rest assured about the quality and fabric used as the seller manufactures the clothes herself. If you have any questions, don't fret, you can ask the seller. She's really warm and friendly! 

Much love friends,
Nadya Abd


  1. Masya'Allah this is so beautiful. You and the nature. It doesn't look S'pore-ish at all. Hehe!