Friday, 29 November 2013

OOTD: cupcakes and anchors

There is a phase I'm going through and I'm not really sure if 2 years (or even a few months) down the road, I'd laugh myself silly thinking about it.

I don't know if you noticed but I seem to gravitate towards nautical prints a lot these days, and not just the prints guys, I'm decked in blue, white and red so often these days I'm really starting to wonder if my clothes are only in these three colors. 

I also don't know what on earth triggered this unhealthy obsession but its all I can think about these days. And the minute I saw this pair of anchor printed pants, I literally grabbed all three sizes available and sprinted towards the fitting room. I don't often show kiasu-ish traits (especially in the MRT, I walk steadily and calmly to the empty seat lol) but when it comes to clothes, I can't help it. There were so many past incidents of me thinking and rethinking and then poof, its gone, so no way am I letting this precious baby slip away from me. Phew, that was a long rant.

pink shawl; @asterhijab (instashop)
pink blouse; tailored
anchor pants; bhg tampines

Thank God for this awesome (and ULTIMATE favourite) pair of flats because if not, this ootd would have been, yes, you got that right, red, white and blue. Hehe. I've been so desperate to wear this flats out cos helllllloooo, awesome shoes HAVE to see the light of the day. I never ever wear shoes like this one right here. It feels very weird, as if I've put on a wrong pair, but my gosh, the left side (cupcake print) is so gorgeous I find myself looking at it all the time. When I'm walking, when I'm eating, I stare at it and immediately, such immense joy surrounds me. 

I know what you're thinking. Crazy person talking about a pair of shoes. Hush now, darling, haven't you heard the quote "Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world"? =D

Much love friends,
Nadya Abd

Monday, 25 November 2013

sponsored: something old, something new

I was browsing through old teenage (read: kental) photos of my friends and I, out and about in town when we were 16 and I'm really, really, really blown away by how much I've changed in terms of what I wear. I think at 16, if you told me that one day, long flowy skirts and maxi dresses are part of my wardrobe staples, I'd probably laugh. And not in the hehe you're funny way but in a loud, HAHA you must be joking!

I'd love to put a picture up here, but I'll save you the torture. 
I was the girl in a plain tee, jeans and my favourite pink adidas superstar sneakers. Gosh, I can still remember how chunky those sneakers were. 

and thennnn, do you remember, the square tudung? 
Sometimes, I miss it. So easy to wear and I don't have to worry about coverage because it definitely covers the chest, and it is rarely sheer. On days when I feel like wearing something simple and fuss-free, I'll always go back to it. My square tudz, you'll never be forgotten ok. 

So this outfit is a combination of both. 
Something old, something new. 

(you can still use the code SGHIJABGIRL20 to get 20RM off your total purchase)
and a lovely pink pearl beaded top from shopsghijabgirl.

Yes, you read that right. 
shopsghijabgirl is coming back soon!

Lovely pieces I chose for you girls. From polkahearts to polkadots, pinafores, ribbon and long princessy pleated skirts. As usual, they are limited in stock, so stay tuned ok! (:

Much love friends,
Nadya Abd

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

sponsored: luggages for tables

These days, whenever I go to a vintagey, eclectic, out of the ordinary cafe, one of the most common thing I hear people say,

"So hipster la this cafe!"

What is this hipster term I keep hearing?! This English teacher really needs to find out why on earth these cafes are labelled as "hipster" joints.

Hmmmm lemme google that.

Hipster refers to a postmodern subculture of young, urban middle-class adults and older teenagers that first appeared in the 1990s and became particularly prominent in the 2010s,[1] being derived from earlier movements in the 1940s. The subculture is associated with indie music and alternative music, a varied non-mainstream fashion sensibility (including vintage and thrift store clothes), progressive or independent political views,[2][3] and alternative lifestyles.


*stares blankly at the screen*

Forget it. Whether you're a hipster or not, as long as you enjoy the ambience, you appreciate the coffee the barista painstakingly brewed, then I guess its okay la huh? =D

Talking about old school items, I received a package from Seqoci! Hehe. Can't help but to smile whenever I say it. Did you know that Seqoci is Malay for bobbin! I know, both the English and Malay term sounds so cute! Seqoci! Bobbin! Seqoci! 

Presenting to you, my Rama Rama blouse.

Its all sorts of awesome, my friends. A smattering of colors on this magical printed blouse makes it so easy to be paired with different colored skirts or palazzo pants.

and I swear, I've seen this blouse in Zara for 4x the price.

How lovely you are! Greens, yellows, reds and blues. 
So hipster right my blouse?

Purposely abusing the word.


Enter SGHIJABGIRL20 at checkout to get RM 20 off your total purchase!
(Minimum purchase of RM 50 and make sure you're logged in first)

The voucher code is only valid for a week (till 27 November) and lots of their items are for sale (this blouse too!) so combined with the RM 20 discount, it'd be such a sweet, sweet deal. 

Much love friends,

Nadya Abd

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

sponsored: Akina Islamic Clothing

Nature and this blog, quite a rare sight I must say. I mean, Singapore's a manmade forest of buildings and concrete so I hardly get any chance to shoot somewhere, you know, green. 

HAHA. Just kidding.

Nature and me?
Hi, bye relationship I must say.

When people hear about this, they go,
"But aren't you a Geography teacher?!"

Heyyyyy, whoever said I was a Physical Geography person? Human Geography for the win! 
(But my students, you must love both ok. No excuses.)

Whenever I shoot my outfit shots somewhere green, I hop out, take a couple of shots and then nice to meet you, would love to spend more time with you but sayonara got to go!

When my mother saw this outfit, she went, "This is so apt for a teacher!" I fully agree because the structure of this dress is just so smart, but at the same time, it doesn't project an unfriendly image at all, unlike all the other formal outfits I've seen. 

The dress is a bit loose at the top (rose lace with satin lining) and then it is structured beautifully waist down. The fabric used justifies the price, I feel, as the skirt uses a fabric similar to khaki skirts/pants. Not sheer whatsoever which is really a plus.

The dress also creates the illusion that you are wearing a lace top with a khaki skirt which is really awesome cos you know how when you tuck in, its usually hard to get a seamless look like this. Hehe.

For nursing mothers, you can opt for the dress to be nursing friendly.
They even have it in plus-sized!

Akina Islamic Clothing has a variety of dresses and from the dresses I've seen, rest assured about the quality and fabric used as the seller manufactures the clothes herself. If you have any questions, don't fret, you can ask the seller. She's really warm and friendly! 

Much love friends,
Nadya Abd

Thursday, 7 November 2013

sponsored: let's get cracking!

I'm not going to kid you, as much as I love to dress up all nice and fancy, I draw a line when it comes to work outfits. Furthermore, my job requires me to look some what presentable and I climb up and down stairs alllllll the time. 

Heels? Crazy.
 Lux satin dresses? Too fancy.
Blazers on hot sunny days? I don't want to drown in a sea of sweat.

Plus, my students are such smarties and they looooove to comment on my outfits. Common things I hear on a daily basis,

"Cher, you never repeat clothes one ah?"
"Cher, this outfit you look like Batman la!"
"Cher, this outfit I approve. Where you buy the pants?"

and then, the dreaded

"Cher, this dress makes you look pregnant lah!"

Oh the horror. 

I mean, every now and then, I sport a blazer and the rare, strutting in wedges along the school corridors. But that's about it.

Fancy outfits are for sghijabgirl and out about on weekends. 
Work outfits are simple and comfortable so I'll be a teacher in the best form ever. 
 Talk about split personality. 

This outfit was shot after school. 

Comes in navy and mint green.
Blue Shawl - @asterhijab (instagram shop)
Checkered pants; zara
suede boat shoes; sperry topsider

I love that the top is so simple but the asymmetrical hem makes it, unique. Just a touch of sghijabgirl at work =D I own so many of these tops! To hide the elastic part of the dress, just pair it with any belt you have. 

Also, wearing my light and comfortable blue shawl from @asterhijab.
Get all your plain shawls from them! Remember to wear a black ninja (that's what they call it right? The one that covers your neck? Haha no not a real ninja) inside cos these shawls are slightly sheer.

Much love friends,
Nadya Abd

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

rouge et jaune.

Red and yellow. 
Colors I never thought I'd see on myself ha ha!

Must have been too excited to meet my bestfriends. Yes, that must be it. Hehe.

There are a number of color combinations I usually play with when it comes to yellow. Yellow + Blue. Yellow + Grey. When I am a teensy weensy bit more adventurous, I go Yellow + Mint Green. Yup, that's about it, so really, red and yellow. Don't ask, I have no idea what was I thinking. 

yellow blazer; love bonito
grey sleeveless top; h&m
paisley pants; uniqlo
red+white striped shoes; zalora
bag; korea

Just realised its been quite some time since I last did the above outfit detailing thing. Woops.

I also had on a completely different hijab style. I don't know what kind of style this is, all I know is I twirled and twirled and tada, I get this very simple hijab look :B

So, if you're more adventurous than me, I say more adventurous because I'm the kind of person who usually plays safe when it comes to color combinations. I really think that try as hard as you can, not every color will suit an individual. Especially when it comes to skin color, some colors just won't gel  and I don't like feeling uncomfortable in clothes I'm wearing. 

My choice of clothes affects my mood for the day, so red and yellow, hmm, I must have been a happy bright girl that day. Hehe. 

Much love friends,
Nadya Abd