Wednesday, 30 October 2013

sponsored: the tinkerbell dress

There's a really really funny but painful story behind this outfit of the day shot. 
Like I mentioned on Instagram, this outfit shot will always remain the epic shot that landed me in the a&e 20 minutes later.

I still laugh whenever I think about it, but it shall always remain a mystery to you :P
Basically, moral of the story is, 
watch where you go, be careful of what you step on. 

Yes, that is all hehe.

But before, the whole shenanigan went down, I was so excited to wear this dress out cos I really love the uneven hem of the dress. At first, I called it my Peterpan dress, then I thought Peterpan has the whole collar thing associated to him already, so why not Tinkerbell huh? OK, Tinkerbell dress you shall be. Tinkerbell dress was paired nicely with my dusty pink ribbon belt. The Tinkerbell dress also comes in Navy, if you play safe with colors and dislike green hehe.

Have I mentioned that I love Poplook's belts?
They're just so awesome la. I usually don't wear belts that cinch the waist cos they're either too big or too tiny and they don't stay put. But Poplook's belts has the whole adjustment thing so no matter what size you are, it will work for you. 

To get these items:

Recently, I've been loving all these tops/dresses that go all the way up to my knees. As usual, I will always pair my plain tops/dresses with printed pants. The floral jeans are from Zara. Floral pants/jeans must be an in thing for Zara right now cos I saw that even for their fall season, they have a lot of floral printed ones albeit dark colored. 

The scalloped flats are from Zalora (:
and lovely Cream Shawl from @asterhijab (Instagram)

Much love friends,
Nadya Abd

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  1. Salam sis nadya.


    saya Hidayah dari Malaysia.

    Actually saya dah lama follow your blog. saya sangat minat fashion pakaian awak!

    Saya nak bagi hadiah kat awak boleh?

    If ypu dont mind, can you give your address?

    Much thanks!