Saturday, 5 October 2013

sponsored: jewels, emerald and amethyst.

Everytime I choose something purple to wear, I have no idea what color to match it with so I always opt for a purple+black or purple+cream combination. 
 So, whoever you are, purple lovers, you must have exquisite taste.

So I was thinking, royal purple, what can I match you with? I wanted to move away from neutral tones, so I thought hmmm, must be something contrasting but at the same time, won't steal the spotlight from my royal purple Poplook skirt. 

Then I thought about jewels. 

Oh you know, those expensive little rocks.

I googled "jewels royal purple"

Ooo such beauties. 

Immediately, I rummaged my wardrobe for an emerald top. 
I only had this shiny glittery one so I thought, ah since you're going for luxe jewels, bring on the glitter and sequins. 

I do this all the time by the way whenever I'm stuck in a rut and I have no idea what color to match something with, google saves the day. Always. Heh.

So, presenting to you, my outfit. 

The beautiful draping of this skirt immediately caught my eye because it really gives you an illusion that you hiked the skirt up for that effect but nuh-uh, its the unique design of the skirt. Kind of makes it look like a pareo. 

Break away from normalcy people!
Go for contrasting colors!

Coming from the girl who usually plays safe with colors, such irony teehee.

Much love friends,

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