Wednesday, 23 October 2013

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I have come to a conclusion that I am truly, truly, not a heels person. 

It was a nice casual night out and I thought hmmmm, since I'm putting in very little effort for my outfit, I might as well bling this outfit with my favourite black heels right?

5-6 steps later, I thought, hmmmm, maybe I should just bring a pair of flats. 
Oh you know, just in case.

Thank God for inner-sensible-more-realistic Nadya. 

Its not that I can't walk in heels, give me a wedding or formal event, I can last all day in them. But when I'm off doing something casual like shopping or, um eating, things I do best, I just want comfort! I want to be able to zoom around and not feel any kind of discomfort! I want to be able to walk lightning speed fast and feel that nothing's holding me back, and whenever people tell me, these heels are so comfortable! I smile but deep inside, I go, omg am I the only weird person who will never ever define the increase in shoe height, comfortable?

These black heels are nice. They don't really pinch my feet. I can last all day long in them. But comfortable? comfortable? NO. Comfortable to me is, my furry bedroom slippers and my awesome sperry topsiders. 3-5 inch heels? Never. 

So to allllll the girls out there who can walk around in style wearing heels, salute you mans. Feet of steel! Hehe.

Ok, I'm done rambling. 

Here is my outfit of the day. 
I don't know how many relax-jack outfits I have but this has got to be my favourite. 

Long black cardigan + loose white tee + torn jeans (my mother hates them. Every time she sees me wearing this, she swears she'll get rid of it when I'm not at home. If I could put it under the jeans version of witness protection programme, I would. I always have this fear that one day, I come back home and its gone. Forever. But its so comfy.....sighs) + a striking colored bag that is totally off from the monochrome outfit but it works, guys. Inject some color into your outfit by grabbing that striking colored bag. 

and because my outfit is quite plain on its own, here comes my pretty black and white chevron shawl from Aster Hijab! They have a huge range of shawls with many many many designs! In my next few entries, you'll see me donning shawls from them. If you can't wait to see my entries, then hop on over to their shop and get your hands on the shawls, before they run out of stock! :D

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 I miss blogging. Its been quite awhile :(

Much love friends,
Nadya Abd


  1. Salam sis! :)) I feel you girl, I feel you. I can never get used to the height of heels nor can I ever truly be comfortable in them heheh I adore them so, but really, they can be mighty uncomfortable. - Qid

  2. I think someday your mom will secretly hide it to see your reaction hahaha!