Monday, 16 September 2013

sponsored: pretty breakfasts and floral tops.

They're not kidding when they say treasure your days in school because working life really........complete the sentence using your own words. I'm not complaining about my job because I genuinely love it (you have no idea what kind of nonsense and hilarious conversations goes on in a classroom) but I guess what I miss most is the ability to wake up as when I feel like it. 

and call me crazy but I like preparing my breakfast properly. I like that I can segment a grapefruit and arrange it nicely on my toast, I like that I can make piping hot berry chocolate porridge, I like that I can prepare a nice pot of tea without other teachers going, "Why do you have a teapot on your work desk?!"

Basically, the point here is I like to eat and I like to take my own sweet time to prepare it. 

But alas, school has reopened so back to Malay food for breakfast and simple, comfortable OOTDs.

I have a penchant for anything floral so of course, I'd love this Camille Cream top from Poplook, the print is just so, lovely. But you know how too much floral can make you look like a walking wallpaper, this is perfect cos the back is totally plain black. Plus, buttons! On the shoulder and the sleeves @.@

Paired it with my mother's vintage leather bag. The bag is older than me but ah, the magic of leather. Leather, leather, tell me your secret to eternal youth. 


Have a great week people!

Much love friends,
Nadya Abd

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