Sunday, 22 September 2013

sponsored: in the land of grey and pink

If there's such a thing as likes-to-edit-photos as a hobby, that would be apt, for me. But with this series of photos, I couldn't decide whether to edit it or to just let it be. The original photos were already beautiful on its own, the myriad of colors from the sun created such a lovely evening but my itchy fingers couldn't help but edit some. So here you go, a series of edited and non-edited pictures.

Let me introduce to you to a classic beauty, the white lace parasol.
Nope, not an umbrella, a parasol.
It's not used to protect you against the rain but against the Sun's shade, especially when its mighty sunny outside. Though truth be told, I've never seen anyone in sunny Singapore using this. I bet I'd look extremely weird and out of place if I did.

I would definitely say that grey and pink mixed together, makes such a pretty color combination. Maybe I'm just biased towards the color pink, but really, I think they complement each other very well. 

Both the dress and the Jardyne Sequin Belt is from ThePoplook.

Pink, grey, lace, pearls and rose gold.
If I had to describe myself in terms of an outfit combination, this would be it.

Hope you'll have a great week ahead!

Much love friends,
Nadya Abd

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  1. Love the combi of Grey and pink! :)
    Esp. the lace parasol.. So vintage <3
    You look real pretty too :)