Thursday, 5 September 2013

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When it comes to choosing shawls, I have to say that I'm not a daring person and I don't like to experiment with colors. Clothes, yes? Shawls, nope. I prefer simple, polkadots, and even if its floral or tribal prints, I try to choose toned down colors. But when the ladies from CalaQaisara approached me with their shawls, I decided okay, hmm, let's try moving out of the comfort zone. 

CalaQaisara which, if you're wondering, means princess castle, was started up by two creative ladies. Most of the shawls they sell are actually handsewn by them and they only bring in a few pieces for one design to maintain exclusivity!

Not only shawls, they have also ventured into, printed cardigans and hijab pins. Most of the shawls going at $14! Best part? Inclusive of registered mail! Another awesome thing about their service is that if customers inform them that they need the shawls urgently, for example, last minute event or you have a wedding to attend, they will personally deliver the items to your doorstep. But of course, depending on the condition and time lah okay! Haha!

They try their very best to bring in unique designs and soon, more exclusive handsewn shawls. I saw their printed cardigans and my gosh, love them! So unique. Perfection to be paired with a simple plain maxi dress!

I love the two shawls I got from them! One is a striking blue yellow combination that I paired with simple blue jeans and a plain mustard flowy top. The other is a two tone shawl, combination of dark brown and turquoise! So simple hence I paired it with my current favourite floral jeans. Can't wait to wear these two outfits out! 

To see more of their items, here's where you can find them!
Instagram: calaqaisara
Whatsapp/text: +6598535274

Much love friends,
Nadya Abd

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