Saturday, 28 September 2013

sponsored: flats galore from Zalora!

Shoes, shoes, shoes. 
Who doesn't love shoes? 
I've placed myself on a shoe ban so many times I've lost count hehe, a girl can never have too many shoes right? :)

Zalora's having a 15% off sale on many of their flats right now, so if you love shoes, for daily wear in lots and lots of patterns, you'll be spoilt for choice. 

Some of the flats are already so friendly to the pocket, plus another 15% and some, even 25% off, its really affordable.

I chose this particular t-bar scalloped ones because I've been searching high and low for it. The combination of the two most adorable features on a shoe.
They have this in other two colors, black and silver grey.

I'm a Charles and Keith size 38, but the cutting runs smaller, so I'd recommend you to choose size 39, if we're the same size. 

Another one I picked is this red and white striped shoe. 
The minute I chose it, I already had the outfit planned in mind. 

By now, you must know what I'm talking about.
Navy blue, cream/white and red. 

But at first, I had a hard time choosing cos this design comes in three colors.
They have it in blue and also, turquoise/mint green. 

So hurry, what are you waiting for? ;)

They are super efficient, I ordered and it arrived 2 days later. Plus, don't miss out on the sale for the flats going on right now. 

Also, for the entire month of September, they're having a 20% discount on all Olay products. 

Happy shopping!

Much love friends,
Nadya Abd

Sunday, 22 September 2013

sponsored: in the land of grey and pink

If there's such a thing as likes-to-edit-photos as a hobby, that would be apt, for me. But with this series of photos, I couldn't decide whether to edit it or to just let it be. The original photos were already beautiful on its own, the myriad of colors from the sun created such a lovely evening but my itchy fingers couldn't help but edit some. So here you go, a series of edited and non-edited pictures.

Let me introduce to you to a classic beauty, the white lace parasol.
Nope, not an umbrella, a parasol.
It's not used to protect you against the rain but against the Sun's shade, especially when its mighty sunny outside. Though truth be told, I've never seen anyone in sunny Singapore using this. I bet I'd look extremely weird and out of place if I did.

I would definitely say that grey and pink mixed together, makes such a pretty color combination. Maybe I'm just biased towards the color pink, but really, I think they complement each other very well. 

Both the dress and the Jardyne Sequin Belt is from ThePoplook.

Pink, grey, lace, pearls and rose gold.
If I had to describe myself in terms of an outfit combination, this would be it.

Hope you'll have a great week ahead!

Much love friends,
Nadya Abd

Monday, 16 September 2013

sponsored: pretty breakfasts and floral tops.

They're not kidding when they say treasure your days in school because working life really........complete the sentence using your own words. I'm not complaining about my job because I genuinely love it (you have no idea what kind of nonsense and hilarious conversations goes on in a classroom) but I guess what I miss most is the ability to wake up as when I feel like it. 

and call me crazy but I like preparing my breakfast properly. I like that I can segment a grapefruit and arrange it nicely on my toast, I like that I can make piping hot berry chocolate porridge, I like that I can prepare a nice pot of tea without other teachers going, "Why do you have a teapot on your work desk?!"

Basically, the point here is I like to eat and I like to take my own sweet time to prepare it. 

But alas, school has reopened so back to Malay food for breakfast and simple, comfortable OOTDs.

I have a penchant for anything floral so of course, I'd love this Camille Cream top from Poplook, the print is just so, lovely. But you know how too much floral can make you look like a walking wallpaper, this is perfect cos the back is totally plain black. Plus, buttons! On the shoulder and the sleeves @.@

Paired it with my mother's vintage leather bag. The bag is older than me but ah, the magic of leather. Leather, leather, tell me your secret to eternal youth. 


Have a great week people!

Much love friends,
Nadya Abd

Monday, 9 September 2013

sponsored: the classy Long Black Dress

If you could only save one dress in your closet, which one would it be? In the flurry of the moment, which dress would you lunge for? What determines your choice of the-dress-you-can't-possibly-live-without?

You're probably wondering, who on earth thinks about all these possible what ifs in their free time, especially when it comes to clothes. Me. Only in my free time that is, I have other things to do as well you know...teehee.

Just like a holographic display, all these dresses are in full view, before my eyes. The classic? The long flowy pink dress? The all time favourite or the seasonal dress? LBD or LWD? The one with sparkly bits or the one with lace detailing? The shocking mustard a-line dress?

I came up with two criteria this dress must fulfill.  

Number one, it has to be practical and timeless. I can wear it to different events by layering it with other pieces so it won't be a dress I can only wear once and then put aside deep in my wardrobe.

Number two, it has to be versatile enough to be worn all day, to any event. I don't have to worry about getting it dirty or crumpled in the evening. 

and so, just like how the LBD is championed in the western world as the dress every classy lady should have in her wardrobe. I share their sentiment. Only that my LBD is not the little black dress, my LBD is the Zahra, my Long (and elegant) Black Dress. Who ever said the Muslim girl can't have her LBD?

When I chose the Zahra, I asked my mum. 

"Which color? Brown or black?"

I always harass my mother when it comes to choosing the color of a certain clothing piece I'm eyeing. Why? Because I know myself and I know that I have the tendency to play safe and stick to the colors I'm comfortable in. Which, also in other words means, in my wardrobe, I have 5 pink dresses, 6 navy blue skirts, you get what I mean. 

As always, you can never go wrong with the color black. Classy, elegant and it gives you a slimmer silhouette. Can't possibly go wrong.  

It also comes in 4 other colors.

From now onwards, SuriSara is offering Free Express Shipping to Singapore via SF Express.
So you'll get your dress in a matter of 3-5 days! :)

 I chose accessories that will not overshadow the outfit, but instead, complement them. The cream shawl with tiny specks of glitter from Accessorize, the sleek metal belt, the pearl dainty ring bracelet from Ameemoo and the snake-skin clutch my parents bought for me from New Zealand.

Truly love how the belt and the ring-bracelet perfected the whole ensemble. Especially the pearls! I can imagine Gabrielle Chanel nodding in approval heh. Visit Ameemoo's store for more awesome accessories.

So, which dress will you save?

Much love friends,
Nadya Abd

Thursday, 5 September 2013

sponsored: CalaQaisara

When it comes to choosing shawls, I have to say that I'm not a daring person and I don't like to experiment with colors. Clothes, yes? Shawls, nope. I prefer simple, polkadots, and even if its floral or tribal prints, I try to choose toned down colors. But when the ladies from CalaQaisara approached me with their shawls, I decided okay, hmm, let's try moving out of the comfort zone. 

CalaQaisara which, if you're wondering, means princess castle, was started up by two creative ladies. Most of the shawls they sell are actually handsewn by them and they only bring in a few pieces for one design to maintain exclusivity!

Not only shawls, they have also ventured into, printed cardigans and hijab pins. Most of the shawls going at $14! Best part? Inclusive of registered mail! Another awesome thing about their service is that if customers inform them that they need the shawls urgently, for example, last minute event or you have a wedding to attend, they will personally deliver the items to your doorstep. But of course, depending on the condition and time lah okay! Haha!

They try their very best to bring in unique designs and soon, more exclusive handsewn shawls. I saw their printed cardigans and my gosh, love them! So unique. Perfection to be paired with a simple plain maxi dress!

I love the two shawls I got from them! One is a striking blue yellow combination that I paired with simple blue jeans and a plain mustard flowy top. The other is a two tone shawl, combination of dark brown and turquoise! So simple hence I paired it with my current favourite floral jeans. Can't wait to wear these two outfits out! 

To see more of their items, here's where you can find them!
Instagram: calaqaisara
Whatsapp/text: +6598535274

Much love friends,
Nadya Abd