Sunday, 25 August 2013

sponsored: brocade pants from surisara

The first time I saw the brocade top on Surisara, I thought, whoa wouldn't it be nice if they have pants in the exact same fabric. Scrolled down, tada! I've always loved the silk brocade fabric. It looks and feels luxurious, especially when gold threads are woven in, paired with something plain, it would really stand out. 

I chose the white fishtail top from h&m to pair with the brocade pants cos I didn't want to go over the top. Something simple with something gold, and as much as I'm not really a heels person, I thought wedges, especially brown velvet ones adds a nice finishing touch to the whole outfit. 

and because this material can be slightly itchy on the skin due to the gold threads, Surisara provides you with black tights to wear underneath the pants. If you want to purchase this, get a size bigger than your usual size cos the cutting runs slightly small. 

Much love friends,
Nadya Abd

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

sponsored: Confidential Closet

Buddy, you're leaving us too soon :( Just few more days left and then here's to hoping that insyAllah, we will meet Ramadhan next year again (: 

I told myself, this Ramadhan, I must try to wear skirts and long dresses all the time. In fact, I know it is something I must try to do all the time but this girl here, loves her pants and jeans too much to give it up entirely. Baby steps, baby steps. One day I'll get there. Heh.

I wore this dress to one of my trips to Geylang Bazaar and I have to say the material surprised me. You know how hot Geylang Bazaar can be right? Surprisingly, I didn't feel icky at all in this dress and I could walk everywhere with ease too. 

Number one, packaging. Mad love for the color combination hehe my favourite, pink & white.
I know I know, to some people, packaging doesn't really matter cos you're going to rip it and throw it away anyways but I like receiving something like this. Puts a smile on your face, you know? Hehe.

Initially, I thought it was made of thick, jeans-ish material but its completely the opposite. Gives you the illusion that its made of jeans-ish material but its so light and cooling. 

floral shawl; uniqlo
long dress; closet confidential
green sling bag; forever 21
green jelly shoes; bangkok

Look at the pleats!!!! Its such a simple dress but the pleats and this tiny tiny details makes it so pretty.

To get this dress, or similar dresses like this, you can shop at Confidential Closet.

Instagram: @confidential_closet

Especially for those who love long and modest dresses, no figure hugging body hugging material, head on there. They have a range of dresses with different designs (this is the simplest! they have so much more!) at such affordable prices, really, I promise.

Ending this entry with a short quote from Team Confidential Closet (:

We love all things beautiful and want to share them with you. Be it pretty dresses, lovely accessories or a pre-loved vintage bag, we are always on a look out!
So what's coming out of our closet? Better stay tuned because we do not want you to say, "should have bought it when I saw it!"

Don't say they didn't warn you! =D

Much love friends,