Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Wow. Ramadhan really zoomed by fast huh?

Felt like it was just yesterday I was getting used to teaching while fasting (and silently complaining of thirst hehe) and now, we're already in our last week. Gosh, time really flies.

So, um, the inevitable question.

Got your Hari Raya baju yet? (HEHE)

I already have my baju raya but I thought hmmmmmm, I need those simple but elegant ones for the times people come to my house and I need to serve them in my baju kurung because oh you know, its Hari Raya so even when I'm washing dishes or making drinks, I can't possibly be in my tshirt and jeans. 

Don't get me wrong, I have such deep love for my traditional outfits! I practically look forward to wearing them because even though, my jeans and tee are comfy, I feel that its really important to stay rooted to your culture and what better way to say I'm proud to be a Malay than wearing a traditional outfit right? :)

So boy, am I glad, I met

First of all, look at the packaging people. All sleek and minimalistic. I think packaging from every blogshop/online store really plays a huge role and it sort of tells you, the kind of quality and service they provide. 

I chose Kenanga, a cream colored outfit from the Syomir Izwa love Suri Sara collection. 
I love the simplicity of it all, because the details in this outfit really stand out. The gorgeous embroidery and the box pleated skirt. The reason why I chose something so simple is because I know I can always mix and match with other outfits so what better way to stretch the dollar (I mean, ringgit hehe) right? 

I love the box pleated skirt. Initially, I thought it would just be another mermaid skirt but its really gorgeous. When you walk, the folds flow so nicely!

and yes, there's a concealed zip on the sleeves, so that it'll be easier for you to take your ablution.

The second one I chose was Linda, in green. Made of Thai polysilk, the sheen is so gorgeous in real life. Its not really flowy as compared to the previous outfit, but the sheen and the structure of the outfit, exudes a certain classy feel. Similar to the previous outfit, I love that it is also versatile. I can always wear the top with pants or even jeans to work hehe. 


They cater to cute-sized and super cute-sized people! With sizes from S to 6XL!! I know some of my friends complain that online stores always cater to small sized ladies, so when I first got to know, I was so amazed. Everyone wants to wear pretty clothes so its really awesome that they cater to ladies of all sizes. If you don't know the sizing and if you want to estimate, I wear a size S. I wear an M in the pictures above but a size S would have been a nicer fit. 

So, in order to receive your clothes before Hari Raya, hurry, place your order now. 
Malaysian Registered Mail only takes about 3-4 days (through my own experience), or if you want, you can opt for PosLaju! You only need to pay about $16 for shipping if you opt for MRM. Share the shipping fee with your friends if you girls are all buying!

Instagram: @surisaradotcom

Much love friends,
Nadya Abd

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