Sunday, 7 July 2013

OOTD: comfy and chillax

First week of work passed by in a blink of an eye. 

HAHA not really. 

But I'm settling in nicely and everything seems to be running smoothly, alhamdulillah. May it remain like this hehe. 

To celebrate the end of first week of work, I went to the movies to catch Despicable Me 2! Hehe madly in love with the movie, the plot is so typical and predictable but ohmygosh, its filled with so much cuteness. And so much, is really an understatement @.@

I figured since I'm going to the movies, I'd dress comfy. 
Throw on a huge baggy sweater and patched jeans to give off the it's-my-weekend-i'm-feeling-oh-so-relaxed look :D

I picked out the sweater and jeans from the recent Zara sale. Score! Got it for such an amazing discount. 

When I first saw the sweater, I was still on the fence "to get you or not to get you?". Then I saw the asymmetrical hem and went "that's it. got to have you now off to the cashier we go!" In a blink of an eye, people. Decisions at a sale have to be made fast before someone grabs it and you'll regret it for the rest of your life haha ok exaggerating as usual.

Oh btw, have you heard of a super cute store called Ameemoo?

I know right, the name itself makes me smile. 
"Where'd you get your pins from?"

Too cute.

I love love love the pins. 

They have it in all sorts of designs from flowers to circle button cute thingamajigs but my favourite is this particular one with the camera. Gosh, love at first sight. You know how much I love taking photos!

and I love this lovely chain ring bracelet which I feel can be worn with a casual outfit, or even when dressed in a traditional outfit :) They also have shawls and headband pieces and even cute pin cushions and the list goes on, you've got to see it for yourself

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Much love,
Nadya Abd

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