Sunday, 2 June 2013

OOTD: spring spring spring!

Don't you just love bookstores? or Art and Craft ones?
I know I do. The only annoying thing is I tend to walk out, poorer, with things I don't really need and can make do without. Whenever my mother looks at my stationary drawer, she calls me the bookshop aunty.

Very funny.

 Until now, I have tonnes of those old school wooden pencils. I've kept them since Primary 1 especially those given to me by my ustazahs during Children's Day. I'm a very sentimental person so even though the chances of me using a wooden pencil is definitely a huge zero, I cannot bring myself to discard it. Please tell me you do it too and I'm not the only weirdo with about, er, a hundred wooden pencils sitting in my stationary drawer?


I think I finally figured out my favourite color. Most of the time, I tell people I like pastel colors, pink, blabla but now I am confident!
Pastel pink, mint green and pastel yellow. 


I love love love these colors, they're just so soft and pleasant to look at. I seldom window shop during the current season (summer) cos the colors are so loud with in your face neons and whatnots. I mean, I like the occasional bold color but a trip to Orchard Rd last week left me feeling very......disoriented. Too loud, pop of colors everywhere. 

I also adore the shirt I'm wearing in this outfit! The color and especially the length (:
I picked this up from the men's section actually! Hehe.

pink maxi shawl; shopsghijabgirl
mint shirt; padini
heart bag; bangkok
bracelets; forever 21
yellow pants; topshop
mint shoes; bangkok

Ok gtg!
Will do another outfit entry sooooon!

Much love friends,

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