Wednesday, 26 June 2013

OOTD; ruffle my feathers

You know that feeling when you chanced upon something unexpected? Was digging my closet trying to find something decent to wear (I do this every single day T.T) and then I saw this dress. Stashed far deep in my closet, long forgotten.

I couldn't even remember when I bought it! Definitely more than a year ago but I remember that I didn't think I could pull it off because of the ruffles cascading down the sides of the dress. Not just one side okay, both sides! I thought, I'll look like a bird, with feathers, with wings! Clearly, the Nadya back then didn't share the same thoughts with the Nadya today hehe.

Its a sleeveless dress so I thought hard. Wear it with a tshirt or with an outerwear? Think think think.
Hmm, outerwear looks more formal and I was going for a formal look anyways!

Am completely in love with this dress right now. 

Its like I broke up with it, met it by chance one year later and realised, oh you were always the one.


This is the effect of watching too many Malaysian dramas. 
(is anybody watching Sebenarnya Saya Isteri Dia?! I am so addicted to it right now hehe)

This is probably random, in the middle of an OOTD entry but I start work next week and I'm terribly nervous, guys! I'm liberated from the bonds of studying and exams but I really wish I had time for myself before I start work, and I don't mean time, a few days, no. I mean, like a year ok maybe that's too much, close to a year?

To read ginormous amount of books, redecorate my room, catch up with my loved ones, go for picnics, cycle, swim, clean my wardrobe, donate my clothes, watch tonnes of movies, go to the mosque for religious classes, find peace and tranquility, learn to cook more stuff, bake tonnes of a moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips desserts, take lots of beautiful photographs.  

If only we could buy time. 

I can no longer afford to dilly dally and take things slow. I am nervous because I feel that it'll be full of uncertainties, filled to the brim with what's going to happen next questions and its truly scary. 

But it's okay. 

The list will never stop, I'll find time to always fit something I want to do, somewhere, somehow. For a start, I'm going to spend time with my bestfriends today. 

And so, the list resumes.

Much love friends,

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