Friday, 21 June 2013

OOTD; chinese porcelain

Whee! Just came back from a short snorkelling trip! It was really beautiful and although the journey there took sooooooooo long, I'd say it was worth it. 

I've come to a sudden realization as I looked at past entries. I go through different fashion phases, slowly evolving over time. Last year, I was all about printed maxi shawls and this year, poof, interest for it totally gone. Currently, I seem to have a deep affinity for printed jeans, pants you name it. I'm going for basics in terms of my hijab and top, pairing it with colorful printed pants. From checkered to polkadots to random I have no idea what print this is. 

Love this printed jeans I picked up from h&m and I kept pairing it with greys and whites, trying to achieve the chinese porcelain look. I thought the bucket bag I lugged home all the way from Primark made a nice pairing with the colors of my outfit. Although, the only thing is I wish it was 5 times bigger because I just seem to have to bring a lot of things when I go out, and this certainly fits er, 20% of what I usually lug around in my bag. Heh.

I wonder what's my next fashion craze.

Much love friends,

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