Thursday, 23 May 2013

not exactly a day in my life entry.

As you can see, I'm trying to blog frequently! HAHA!

So psyched to blog now cos I've been receiving so many emails from you guys asking for more entries and entries beyond just outfit of the day ones heheheh, you sure you want to hear about my not so exciting life? :D

Today was the last day of our BT orientation programme so right after, we went to JCube to have our lunch at Old Town White Coffee! The asam laksa is to die for @.@ We then went to B1 to get our dessert and I tried the strawberry ice cream stick! It was so goooood and refreshing. Go go get it if you're at JCube!

My simple outfit of the day to Ikea.
I should probably stay away from Ikea these days cos they have tonnes of new and nice items!!!! I need to stop buying bedsheets. Need to constantly remind myself I only have one bed and I can't possibly layer on so many bedsheets at one go. Sigh. 

peach shawl; shopsghijabgirl
denim jacket; topshop

Currently reading bringing up bebe. I have no idea why I'm reading a parenting book but its certainly fascinating to read how French mothers educate their kids. Or maybe I'm just biased. Anything to do with french people, macarons, eiffel tower, paris, I'm easily fascinated by it haha!

Late lunch the other day in town. This is the only item I will order from the Coffee Bean menu. I admit I'm not an adventurous person when it comes to food/drinks. If I love what I've tried the first time, I will continue to order the same thing, most likely, forever. HAHA!

I don't know if its just me but every single time, I order something new, the something new will taste bleargh so the entire meal, I will be mentally scolding myself "Hello? Why you never stick to the usual? You see la, now we have to finish this. "

I'm sorry. I cannot put myself through the mental torture so I play safe and stick to the food I know will confirm taste good hurhurhur. 

Went to ITE College Central during our orientation. All of us were so fascinated and in awe the entire time! ITE People, you guys are so lucky!!! 

During the entire tour, we were quite embarrassing to be honest. We kept going oooh and aaah at every single thing! I mean, hello, which school has an airplane in the middle of your campus you tell me? 

The campus was so high tech and cool compared to ours, if my school was like that, I'd probably stay all day to study and never miss a single lecture. 

 Ok gtg, family time!

Much love,

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  1. You're so beautiful especially when you smile with your teeth :-) anyways, I'm a constant reader, you're a true inspiration! ^^