Tuesday, 21 May 2013

adayinmylife: last day of school.

I figured before I get super swamped with work, I better update my blog with my long overdue, a day in my life entry - Last Day of School

Back then, I blogged tonnes of a day in my life entries. I had a lot of free time and I was always walking around with my tiny Canon digicam. Now that I've moved on to a dslr, its so troublesome to take it out and it just feels super awkward. People look at you like you're crazy. I'm serious. 

So anyways, I documented my last day in uni because I just wanted to remember my last moments of being a student. 

If you're a student and you're reading this, its really true what they say when you've started working, all you want to do is go back to school. I used to think, aiyer I know you're just trying to make me work hard and like school but seriously guys, I really miss being a student. 

So here goes.

On my last day of school, I had only one class and it started at 8.30. 
I really need to say this.
I hate 8.30 classes.

The journey to school is just pure madness, sandwiched between tonnes of people and having to wake up so so so early.

The only good thing is your day ends early. Yes, that's about it. The only good thing I can think of about 8.30 classes. Haha!

I get ready with my usual make-up thingies. 
Yikes, I hate how dirty they look. 

I try not to be late and dash out of the house by 7.

I walk to the train while nom nom-ing on my lemon blueberry cupcake. 

Dig around for my ez link. My wallet is a warzone, every single time. I stash all my cash, cards, whatever in one compartment when there's so many slots waiting to be filled. Hehe. Once in awhile, I get cracking and organize everything back into its own place. 

It was a Friday so yes, surah Al Kahfi time!

I reach Boon Lay and walk to the bus interchange.

Soon after, I reach school! 

Hi, schooooool. You're looking pretty todaaaay.

Oh my, look at the amount of steps I need to climb.

 Sun rays, sun rays.

I reach the third floor or is it second? Haha I can't remember! I peeked into the GIS lab to see my friends printing our assignment. 

Afi tells me Yati's bag strap broke while she was on the way to school. We had a good laugh about it hehe. 

Afi bought for us Mcbreakfast so we ate in class while waiting for the rest of the people to arrive.

Signed my last attendance sheet woop woop!

During break, I sneaked into the lab next door and talked to my friend, Daniel. 

The rest of the people remained in class.

I see my favourite teacher! 

Whee class ends. Sometimes I forget how beautiful the view from the campus is. 

I walk to the other block to submit my assignment. Last assignment people! :D

Then I wait for my friends.

We took nonsense shots on campus grounds. 

We said byebye to each other so off I went to Somerset to meet my bestfriends. They were late so I got myself something. I really shouldn't be left alone in a shopping centre. 

Made our way to Al Falah for zuhur prayers.

Walked all the way to Far East for our favourite food stall only to find it closed. Boooooooo. So upset! If you guys ever go there, try the hokkien mee/prawn noodle.

HAHA inside joke. 

Asar timeeeeeee. 

Accessorize was having a sale so we got ourselves some tiny tiny things hehe.

After shopping around town, we made our way back. 

I reach home, check my mail, reply emails. 

Watch the week's episode of Grey's Anatomy (BEST SHOW EVER) and went to sleep. 

It was such a simple day but I knew I wanted to document it because it was the last day of my uni education, as a student. The past 4 years of my life whizzed by so quickly, I remember the first day of entering school, making new friends, getting used to churning out 2000-3000 word essays every now and then and hanging out with my friends in the library. I could go on and on and this entry will probably take up 10 pages. Hehe. 

The most important thing is that, I'm going to graduate soon.

Back then, when my mother decided to send me to Maarif, lots of people were telling her that I will never make it to university, that Madrasah education will not give me a future.

I studied really hard (ok at times maybe not that hard hehe) to prove them wrong and ultimately, to make my parents proud. I will never get to repay my parents' sacrifices all these years but I hope this is a start. 

The best part of my education was being in Maarif. 
and thank you, for bringing me this far. 

I'll save this Madrasah topic for another entry hehe.

Much love friends,


  1. hey sghijabgirl, you have definitely piqued my interest! this entry is really wickedly awesome!And you're wickedly creative!
    Couldnt stop scrolling down to read the rest of the entry.your shots depicts a vivid description about your day, even though talking about one's day is a definitely boring subject to read. You have flipped this boring topic to a light and arresting read! Awesome! Two thumbs up!

  2. hi dear(: u bring telekung in ur bag wherever u go? i have always admire you since i found ur blog when i was googling for hijabs shop online. pretty amazing how u can mix and match clothes and shawls. (the reason why i haven't started wearing cause I've seriously no idea and outfit that goes along well with shawls)