Saturday, 20 April 2013

OOTD: Collaboration with Mode Clothier

If you follow me or Fatin from inmyshawls on Instagram, you'd know that we did a mini photoshoot the other day with the awesome people from Mode Clothier & Hart Photography!

It was certainly a fun and eye-opening experience for the both of us. Even though our cheeks hurt from smiling allllll the time and the mosquitoes and what nots, I truly enjoyed it (: The venues chosen were so interesting, I didn't even know they exist hehe.

I've always thought that modeling was something very, simple. Turns out, its anything but easy. Your posture, the light, the angle, every single thing plays a huge role in ensuring that you get the perfect shot. So thankful our photographer from Hart Photography was so funny and made us feel very relaxed. 

The beautiful clothes we wore were from Mode Clothier!
They carry a lot of Indonesian brands such as Mainland Heritage, House of Nabilia, Nonii Zakiah, Jenahara, Malana Indonesia and Such! They have tonnes of nice shawls too!

Go on now to Tanjong Katong Complex, #03-47, S400845! 

Twitter: modeclothier
Instagram: iluvmode

If you've seen two of my past entries, I wore items from Mode Clothier as well! (:

Top from Mode Clothier

Flowy glittery skirt from Mode Clothier

Much love friends,
Nadya Abd

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

OOTD: spring!

I miss blogging!

I don't have a lot of time to sit down and blog properly these days but I have several entries coming up!
Anyways, this pair of floral printed jeans is pretty familiar right?

Yes, I am madly in love with it. My current favourite jeans! I have other printed ones but this is ze best! I don't really like to repeat any piece of clothing (especially very obvious ones like this!) but hahaha I've worn this out so many times!!!

dusty mustard shawl; shopsghijabgirl
green sequined crop top; earlgreyparty
mustard top; istanbul
floral printed jeans; zara
brown wedges; taiwan

Mad love for the sequined crop top too! Love it so much I bought it in both colors, blush pink and forest green! Hehe!

Ok toodles!

Much love,
nadya abd

Saturday, 6 April 2013

UPDATES UPDATES! OOTD & New Plain Elegant Shawls!

Recently, my cousin had her 21st Birthday Party and the theme was CHANEL! 
Of course, being the chanel freak that I am, I was so excited. Hehe!
I've had this lovely tweed jacket for a longgggg time but I just didn't have any occasion to wear it out so   finally it got to see the light of the day! 

I bought it for quite some time ago and I know a lot of you have been asking me but I'm really sorry, I really cannot recall the name of the online store! 

Paired it with yes, still my favourite, le tour eiffel top!

Candy tweed jacket; online store
le tour eiffel top; bangkok
black jeans; zara
yellow clutch; mitju 
flats; ferragamo

So much love for the detailing. Criss crosses of pastel colored woolen fabric! Oh so much loveeeeee <3

What have I been up to these days?

Teaching, lesson planning, making keynote slides.

Haha yes no life guys! I have no idea where's my work life balance because it just seems impossible. 
I mean, I still do go out occasionally but its only for a short while before I get fidgety and restless cos I know there's so much work to do at home! T.T

Oh oh! I have instocks for these lovely plain shawls on shopsghijabgirl! BEEN LOVING THEM LIKE CRAZY! I can't get kaffah anymore cos they are always sold out but this is definitely 99% similar to Kaffah's!! SO HAPPY! I grabbed all the colors and kept them all!!!! Head on to my Facebook page to place your orders! VERY LIMITED INSTOCK!

If you do not have an instagram, here's what I've been up to!

Hehe working on something coming out in May whee!

Bought these lovely blushers! So pretty!

Tried to copy t-swift's outfit! Haha!

#bajukurungfridays to school! 

Actually its not a baju kurung, wore my black blair maxi skirt and a long sleeved dress! :D

Okie gtg!

Much love friends,