Tuesday, 19 March 2013

OOTD: Lace & Roll of Hearts

I've really really really missed baking since practicum started so I decided why not bake something a bit more challenging since I have the time? Until today, I haven't really mastered the art of making a cake roll so usually, they end up a bit flat. I'm not really bothered by it though cos I think as much as presentation needs to be tip top, at the end of the day, if its tastes good, I have no regrets hehe.

Each and every heart was drawn lovingly by me. 
and I really mean lovingly because if you have no patience, don't even attempt to try this haha!

Filled it with strawberries and chocolate ganache. Tastes sooooo good especially when its cold and just out of the fridge! Yum! 

and its been so long since I last posted an OOTD entry!

Here's what I wore on the last day of school for Term 1. I usually try to wear Baju Kurung-ish outfits on Fridays hehe. 

lace top; poplook
pink mermaid skirt; tailored
lace bag; mitju
shawl; kaffah

Alright, just a short update. Got to start on my lesson plans and keynote slides for next week's lessons! T.T

Much love friends,


  1. you're so talented in baking :) love how soft this look is :D

    Farah ♥

  2. Love the outfit sis!!!sweet ;)