Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Check this out! This product is so amazingly light, it floats!

Haha my title really sounds like spam but no its not!

Do you ever wonder how people do magic tricks? I always do!!! and whenever they reveal how they do it, I'm like zzzzzz why couldn't I have figured that out?! So now I'm really really thinking how Magic Babe Ning does it!

I didn't know her at first, so I went to google her and woooo she's really popular for her levitating and lots of magic tricks!! Hmmmm, the product must have been amazingly light for her to be able to do that eh?

Mystery mystery, how on earth did she do it?
Share it if you want!

Its all part of a campaign for this mysterious product hehe.

I promise, my next entry would either be my ADAYINMYLIFE: Last day of school OR an OOTD one! I really miss doing my OOTD entries! :(

Happy midweek!


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