Tuesday, 19 March 2013

sponsored review: biore UV watery essence

Ever since I ran out of my previous sunscreen+moisturiser, I've been too lazy to go to Watson's to get a new one. When it comes to skincare products, I like to try out new stuff whenever I run out of something I've been using. There's pros and cons when I do this, there IS a chance I might find something better OR I'm stuck with something I don't like and I've wasted my $$ especially since I could have just stayed on with the previous product. 

I didn't know I could have such thoughts about skincare products.

I really feel like I scored big when the new product I tried is something I really really like! Which in this case, is the Biore UV Watery Essence!

I've been using it for almost three weeks now and I've been really really loving it. To be honest, when I first saw the name, the word Watery didn't really attract me cos I really dislike runny sunscreen+moisturiser. Maybe its just me, but to me, runny consistency does not equate to easy application. 

But the consistency of this is far from runny. Here is a picture comparing the texture with one of my previous sunscreen+moisturizer. 

At first, I was quite alarmed cos I saw that the color is slightly yellow-ish and it has this sandy texture with small tiny beads. As soon as I massage it into my skin, it disappears (: The tiny beads are actually Aqua Micro Capsules containing UV block ingredients and they release moisture upon application!

There is no strong sunblock smell and it doesn't make my face feel oily even after I've had it on for a day. It immediately absorbs into your skin and leaves a smooth, matte finish. Not greasy or sticky at all! It is also suitable for both body and face use and most importantly? SPF 50!

How does this fit into my morning skincare routine?

Moisturiser first followed by my Biore UV Watery Essence!

The Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence is available at Watson's for $18.90. For more information, visit their website www.kao.com/sg

Much love,
nadya abd

OOTD: Lace & Roll of Hearts

I've really really really missed baking since practicum started so I decided why not bake something a bit more challenging since I have the time? Until today, I haven't really mastered the art of making a cake roll so usually, they end up a bit flat. I'm not really bothered by it though cos I think as much as presentation needs to be tip top, at the end of the day, if its tastes good, I have no regrets hehe.

Each and every heart was drawn lovingly by me. 
and I really mean lovingly because if you have no patience, don't even attempt to try this haha!

Filled it with strawberries and chocolate ganache. Tastes sooooo good especially when its cold and just out of the fridge! Yum! 

and its been so long since I last posted an OOTD entry!

Here's what I wore on the last day of school for Term 1. I usually try to wear Baju Kurung-ish outfits on Fridays hehe. 

lace top; poplook
pink mermaid skirt; tailored
lace bag; mitju
shawl; kaffah

Alright, just a short update. Got to start on my lesson plans and keynote slides for next week's lessons! T.T

Much love friends,

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Orphanage Trip: Ciparay, Bandung.

This entry is long overdue. I am deeply deeply sorry.
I've been adjusting to the crazy practicum schedule and the amount of work that keeps piling up, at the back of my mind, I kept telling myself, "Nadya you've got to put aside time to blog about the orphanage trip" 

So finally, I get to sit down and blog. 

As I've mentioned in my previous entries, my mother went to an orphanage in Ciparay, Bandung so alhamdulillah, your donations have been put to good use, a portion of it channelled to the goodie bags for the kids, while most of it went to the funds for their everyday food. 

Every single day, they eat very little protein, mostly their daily diet consists of just rice and veggies grown around the area or rice with maggi mee. Yes, maggi mee is treated like a side dish. While initially my mother had every intention to use all the donations to buy new stuff for the kids, she soon decided that their everyday food is much much more important than small items in a goodie bag. 

In this orphanage, all the kids are given proper Islamic education and they are all on their way to becoming Hafiz Al Quraan which I truly think, is remarkable. 

Anyways, here are some of the pictures of what was in the goodie bag. Each and every orphan was also given a small sum of money (:

Also, during the trip, they made special arrangements to sponsor nice food for the kids so they had a buffet of chicken, meat and all the things that they usually don't get to eat. 

I'm sure you've definitely put a smile on their faces and may Allah reward you for your generosity. 
May we always be thankful for our parents, for the never ending rizq, for the education, for the food on our plates everyday. 

There are many others out there who don't have what we have, so remember to take some time, everyday, in your prayers to pray for them and to always set aside some money to donate to the less fortunate. 

May we always seek Allah's love in our thoughts, speech and actions.

Much love friends,

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Check this out! This product is so amazingly light, it floats!

Haha my title really sounds like spam but no its not!

Do you ever wonder how people do magic tricks? I always do!!! and whenever they reveal how they do it, I'm like zzzzzz why couldn't I have figured that out?! So now I'm really really thinking how Magic Babe Ning does it!

I didn't know her at first, so I went to google her and woooo she's really popular for her levitating and lots of magic tricks!! Hmmmm, the product must have been amazingly light for her to be able to do that eh?

Mystery mystery, how on earth did she do it?
Share it if you want!

Its all part of a campaign for this mysterious product hehe.

I promise, my next entry would either be my ADAYINMYLIFE: Last day of school OR an OOTD one! I really miss doing my OOTD entries! :(

Happy midweek!