Monday, 25 February 2013

OOTD: yale skull and bones.

To be honest, I've never been a fan of black. I find that its such a depressing color and I feel that my mood instantly dives when I'm wearing I know of some people who practically live in black clothes and I always always always wonder, how come it doesn't affect their mood?!

But these past few months, I've come to like black. I wouldn't say love, let's just keep it at like hehe. I agree, it is a flattering color. It definitely makes you look like you lost a few pounds, hands down. I've been searching for a faux leather moto jacket for awhile now and I've never seen anything that I like. Its either too messy with lots of zips or too studded, until I saw this piece at Topshop.

I fell in love. 

Immediately, I could see flashes of me wearing it with a white eyelet dress, with a long chiffon maxi dress and lots of other outfit pairings. Yes, so much going on in my head, it was overwhelming. I had to get it. 

mustard shawl; shopsghijabgirl
studded moto jacket; topshop
white eyelet dress; bangkok
black jeans; zara
skulls clutch; bangkok
gold flats; accessorize

So I tried going for this whole rocker chick look. 
HAHA I really cannot pose without smiling....I look super weird & angry. Like, so much pent up anger waiting to erupt any second!

So, I do what I do best and SMILE :B

Ok what I really mean is....LAUGH! Haha!

I love love love this eyelet dress. 
Hard and soft mixed together creating the perfect juxtaposition in an outfit. I truly am a girly girl so I had to have my bow flats & white dress (did you spot the bow buttons?). Otherwise, this outfit wouldn't really reflect my style (:

and the clutch! Skulls and everything crazy going on.

Much love friends,

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