Monday, 28 January 2013

Travel: Bangkok sights and moments captured

Salam girls!

If you follow me on instagram, I recently flew to Bangkok for a short holiday trip to see my favourite actor and actress, Ed Westwick & Leighton Meester! Hehe! It was such a last minute trip and the flight ticket cost me a bomb cos I booked it super last minute but guys, it was money well-spent cos I got to seeeeee my Chuck&Blair! :B Huge shoutout to my mother (I know you're reading this!) thank you so so so much for accompanying me on this last minute trip I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!

Anyways, I haven't been doing OOTD entries because, yes, I know, this is getting kind of repetitive right? I'm graduating soon so this semester is jam packed with LOTS of assignments one by one T.T It was just the first week of school and I was already so stressed with tonnes of things, I kept baking and baking and baking (I bake when I'm stressed, I have no idea why its kind of frustrating cos I know better than to bake when there's tonnes of assignments due!)

I just did a photoshoot with the awesome people from Hart Photography & Mode Clothier AND Fatin from inmyshawls! It was such an exciting opportunity and I'm glad I did it. Such an eye-opening experience. Can't wait to share the photos with you guys soon!!

I hope I'll have the time to squeeze in one OOTD soon! Till then, enjoy the pictures! 

The most beautiful plane-wing shot I've ever captured, hands down.


Definitely my favourite transport there but they just love to charge tourists more, even more than cabs sometimes. 

We went to this restaurant when I was just 10 years old. Was so glad to find out its still there because the food is the best! Ever! Its just outside of the Darul Aman Mosque (:

Seafood tom yum. My favourite food hehe.

Beef green curry.



With friends I made from Austria & Thailand!

Mango salad galore.

LOTS OF ARTS AND CRAFTS thingy that I love so much and wish I could bring them back by the kilo lol!

My mum is crazy over thai silk! 



Much love friends,

Ps: Did you realise that I didn't put the sghijabgirl logo on the pictures. Too lazy already hehe.

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