Monday, 14 January 2013

sponsored: the tea party sg

Salam girls!

Just realised I've only done one OOTD entry this year! o.o I've been so busy lately what with traveling, finishing my paper and please do not remind me that the new semester starts tomorrow!!! Gosh so so busy! I'm chasing time!

So, when the talented people from The Tea Party SG invited me to have a look see of their pretty and fabulous items, ah such a de-stress moment! I LOVE IT ALL! 

8oz tumbler with 4 interchangeable original designs by Tea Party SG at $27.50

Tea Party button badges at $1.50 each 

Pop up greeting cards $4.90 to $6.90 

A6 size hand drawn animal sketchbooks at $8.90 each

The Tea Party SG is actually a joint art collaboration by 2 crazy talented bestfriends, Dita and Fiq. Yes, all those pretty goodies you see here are lovingly handmade by the two of them. No mass production here! Also, the cost of their items are so affordable! Customised items are usually not so pocket friendly because they're doing it for you alone but theirs make me feel like ordering tonnes of items to gift my friends for their birthdays or even, for no special occasion hehe. 

How to get your hands on these lovely items?

The Tea Party SG will participate as one of the vendors for The Handmade Movement, an art fair where local artists will gather and sell their handmade items. There will be a self silkscreen booth, photobooth and lots of exciting things. Its happening on Saturday, 19th January at Fort Canning!

Another way is to head on to their Facebook page here:

Support local artists! ;)

Much love friends,

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