Thursday, 17 January 2013

Review: 1 Market by Chef Wan

Salam girls!

I went for dinner at 1 Market by Chef Wan the other day and I figured I'd do a review since I've heard so much about it. 

I think I was quite lucky because when I called the reservation number, I immediately got through at my first try! I heard of people calling 40-90 times before getting through? That aside, I booked for my parents and I, one week before the date we wanted. So, I do think its best that you reserve early to avoid disappointment.

The food was....very good. I wouldn't say it was superb but I thought it was very very good! They have quite a selection, from chili crabs, thai fish, skewered grilled prawns (which were so fat and juicy!), japanese food (sashimi, sushi, soba, you name it), satay and lots more. I won't go describing further cos pictures illustrate better hehe.

I think one of the main reasons why I didn't find it superb is because I'm a dessert person, and the selection was very limited. However, there was this pandan thing, omg I have no idea what's the name, it was SO GOOD, I wiped out 10 servings I think. Or more. Tsk. The cream puffs were to die for! They had this filling that felt like half custard/half ice cream. So so goooood! 

Both hot and cold drinks were also free flow! 

Chef Wan himself was there and he really made the time and effort to greet and take pictures with nearly everyone in the restaurant!

The waiters/waitresses were also quite prompt in clearing our plates so we always had space to get more fooood! :D

The only thing that I was quite annoyed about was the satay section! Every time I went there, it was empty! Only towards the end, I saw them refilling it. Apart from that, all the other items on the menu were refilled quite often. 


I wouldn't say its fair to compare 1 Market with Carousel or Straits Kitchen cos the latter are after all, hotel buffets and obviously, the entire experience should be different. 1 Market is a restaurant, just like Swensens/Seoul Garden, and I think one should lower their expectations, a bit.

Obviously you know by now that I read their Facebook page and I really didn't think they deserve the kind of comments some people wrote on their page. Give it a try first. Its nice to give some support to a Malay owned buffet restaurant, which to be honest, is undeniably, a rare find in Singapore. Rather than go, oh I heard they're this and that. You might be wrong :)

Hope this review helps!

Much love,


  1. I for one cant wait to try dinning in here but I think I should wait for everything to cool down. Hehe. Great review and thank you for the awesome pictures! :) I'm drooling here!

  2. So lucky to be taking pic with Chef Wan!! My dad wanted to eat here but i heard that you had a time limit of around an hour to eat?

  3. Thank you for the review. Been reading all those reviews and comments of others and was a bit disappointed. But after reading your review, it helps a bit :)

  4. I wl certainly give it a try. Passed by on Gd Friday night n it was FULL HOUSE, with a long line of walk-ins trying their luck. Would there b so much support if de food and/or service is as bad as some people claimed?

  5. Hi Nadya, u r right:) i absolutely agreed wif u. I went to 1market before with my mum and family. For sure my whole family enjoyed, especially my mum. The food at 1market are wonderful and great;) congrates chef wan:))