Tuesday, 8 January 2013

READY, SET, GO! Win a photoshoot! (:

Salam alaikum!

Today's entry is a very special one! *\o/*

There's an awesome competition going on right now by the awesome people of Mode Clothier & Hart Photography! What competition you ask?

Hart Photography will be giving a free photoshoot on 26 January to ONE of our (sghijabgirl & inmyshawls) blog reader! Whoever you are, you lucky girl, gets to be photographed along with the 2 of us! (: I mean, not that I'm saying we're so special or anything, but if you've ever wondered what it's like to hang out with us (I promise we're not scary! We're super silly, friendly & funny hehe), come on guys! Join this!

You will also walk away with a $50 voucher from Mode Clothier so you will get to shop at their boutique! For your info, Mode Clothier is a fashion boutique for the Modern Muslimah and they carry awesome Indonesian brands that's usually so difficult to get our hands on such as Such!, Mainland Heritage, House of Nabilia, Nonii Zakiah, Shabilla, Jenahara, Malana Indonesia,  Ria Miranda and Myzeekha.

get to wear pretty clothes + makeover + high quality photo shoot + shopping voucher + making new friends! What's not to love?!?!

Here are the details of the 'Share, Like, Tag Promotion':

So what is it that you have to share, like & tag?

This simple poster below! Copy/download it and upload it on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! Wherever you like! Wanna do it on all 3? Go ahead! (: Remember to tag us ok! 

If you're uploading this on Twitter & Instagram, please hashtag #modeXhart along with tagging either one of us!

Looking forward to meeting you! 

For more details about the photoshoot, please visit - www.hartphotography.org

Much love friends,

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