Tuesday, 4 December 2012

TRAVEL OOTD Part #2 : Pamukkale, Turkey

Salam alaikum!

Part 2 of my Turkey trip! (:

To be honest, Turkey left me speechless. We travelled around Turkey to see the different sceneries they offer and everytime, the natural environment never fails to wow me. Fuelled by my crazy love for Geography, I can't wait to be reunited with Turkey again. I mean, seriously, history+geography everywhere you go!

Ancient ruins. I can't help but try to picture what it was like in the past, living amidst these amazing man-made structures.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Hierapolis & Pamukkale

Hierapolis (Holy city) - It is known to have been established by Eumenes II, King of Pergammon, during the 2nd century and its name to have been taken from the wife of Telephos, Hyera, who established Pergammon. The city was the capital of Phrygia during the reign of Constantin the Great, and later become the bishops center during the Byzantine Period. Roman architecture dominates the city.

They call this the Cleopatra Pool.

Pamukkale is Turkey's foremost mineral-bath spa because of its natural beauty: hot calcium-laden waters spring from the earth and cascade over a cliff. As they cool they form dramatic travertines of hard, brilliantly white calcium that form pools.

The tectonic movements that took place in the fault depression of the Menderes river basin gave rise to the emergence of a number of very hot springs, and it is the water from one of these springs, with its large mineral content, chalk in particular, that has created the natural wonder now known as Pamukkale, Cotton Fortress, a very appropriate name for such a phenomenon.

The slopes of this hill, which look from a distance like a great white speck, are covered with large numbers of pools and terraces.As you come nearer, you will begin to see this natural phenomenon, which resembles a frozen waterfall, in greater detail.

I love watching the ruins especially the colosseums.


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