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Travel Guide: Taiwan (Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall & Houtong Cat Village)

Salam alaikum!

So..since I have a lot of time on my hands lately (not really I have a research paper to write but that can wait for a bit hehe), I've decided to do travel entries. Places to go, places to eat and most importantly, where to shop! I thought of just doing a where to shop series but my mum told me please eh not everybody is like okay lah we do a bit of everything :D

I think what inspired me do this is due to the tonnes of questions from my own friends and from some of you, through email. Then, I figured instead of repeating all these info again and again, why not type it into an entry so that it can benefit not only my friends, but my readers as well right? (:

insyAllah, I'll try my best ok!

So first up, Taiwan. 
I just came back from Taiwan a few weeks ago, so everything's still fresh in my mind. Hurry! Type it all out! Hehe!

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall

This place is a MUST VISIT. I mean, look at the grandeur of the buildings and the structures. So magnificent. I first went there in the day and I was already so mesmerized by the huge structures. I even told my friend, why can't Singapore have these kind of awesomeness?! Then I realised, oh ok, space constraints haha!

I'm not going in depth on the history and stuff like that, I think everyone can read that up on their own, but this is a touristy place I'd strongly recommend you to go. On our last day, my friends and I went there at about nearly sunset, it was beautiful because one minute we had daylight and then suddenly, it was dark and all the buildings and structures lit up. So so so frikin lovely. 

Houtong Cat Village

Yes, the name says it all. If you're not a cat lover, you can just totally skip this part hehe. 

I'm kidding, taking this train will bring you to other scenic places around the area so you can choose to not alight at the Houtong Cat Village. Again, this trip is strongly recommended by meee! I know its such a hassle to travel out from Taipei but its such a nice experience, taking a break away from the bustling city and seeing the rural areas. There's also a huge change in temperature when you go there so pls pls pls layer up and put on warm clothes because I wore only a two piece outfit and it was fuh-ree-zing! 

This place is quite a distance from Central Taipei. I don't remember exactly the travelling time but I would say it took us nearly an hour to reach there from Taipei Main Station. Our hotel was located near Taipei Main Station so we bought our choo choo train tickets from the TRA counter there. 

Take the Yilan line to Ruifang.

We had a small problem at the ticket counter because they issued us one ticket less and we only realised after walking away. So, guys, check that they give you the exact amount of tickets because we got into an argument and had to pay for an extra ticket boo :( 

Anws, I really got to give a shout out to my goodfriend Afiqah cos she figured out the entire journey for us. Like, where to alight, which ticket to buy and stuff like that. Thanks Afi! (:

Upon reaching Ruifang, you need to go to the ticket platform and buy a one day pass ticket for the Pingsi Line (that will take you to the cat village, shifen lantern place and other touristy places)

Then, go back to the same platform and wait for another train that will take you to the Cat Village. 

Cat galore, guys. 
When there are paw prints on the floor, you know what to expect! Hehe!

I'm a hugeeeeee cat lover so I really didn't want to leave the place. There were tonnes of cats everywhere you go even when it was raining!

If I could smuggle you into my bag and bring you home, I would in a heartbeat! TOO CUTE. 

 The Pingsi line will bring you to another exciting place! Next entry! 

Much love,

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